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Why do we call it Boot Camp?

Boot Camp indicates that the participant will have an “intense” experience. The classes are fun but very learning specific and participants will experience a great growth in their professional performance skills in a very short period of time.

What makes Boot Camp so special?

Our programs are developed primarily for the kids in the Young Performers Management group but as space allows, we do let other kids enroll.  Parents and performers both find a special kinship develops with the Boot Camp experience. It is also very exciting to see young performers of varied skill levels working together in a way that promotes growth for all involved. We have found a unique way to integrate beginners with seasoned performers and to enable all to feel challenged in a manner which promotes great satisfaction and builds self-confidence and professionalism. Parents and participants are equally amazed at how much is learned in one week!

ON-CAMERA DYNAMICS - Donnajeanne Goheen

These classes are taught by Donnajeanne Goheen, director of theYoung Performers Studio  since 1991.  With a background in casting,  Goheen  has developed techniques that teach young performers a variety of skills very quickly. Emphasis is on commercial auditions as well as practicing skills needed for co-hosting or doing promos and “stand-ups”.  Participants will improve their slating and interview skills, develop a better sense of how to work on camera effectively, including movement, demonstrating a product, utilizing props and cue cards and working with a partner.


Improvisation skills are essential in this industry! Approximately one-third of commercial auditions  will have no written copy and will require improvisation. Many directors for film and TV will ask an actor to “improv” the scene -- to play the character without the script.  Auditions for comedy shows like “All That” and “The Amanda Show” will require strong improv skills also. This workshop will  enable the performer to develop a better understanding of how to utilize the key elements necessary for successful improv characters and scenes.  Much fun yet so valuable!


Performers age 9 -18 will be cast in “STATION KIDD”,  a pilot developed for children’s programming. Characters include three kids whose grandad died and left them a barn that just happens to contain some pretty interesting stuff. There are a couple computer hackers from the Bronx and a teen TV “news crew” as well as other characters. Performers will develop distinctive characters while learning the ins and outs of  production and understand the pressure of pulling off a live show in one week, much the way a typical TV sitcom is done. There are 12 roles in the show and most can be cast either male or female. About half should be played by kids 8 to 12 and the remainder are 12 and up. We will register 12 individuals who meet the age and general cast requirements and they will need to audition on January x with the director, will be assigned a character and expected to return on Monday fully memorized and ready to rehearse, performing on Friday January x. Directed by Joylene Laws who has directed dozens of shows. Note: We already have kids registered for this so don’t delay on this one!


Julie Phelan is former casting director for Nickelodeon and has directed and developed a number of superior young comics. This workshop will primarily focus on  how to develop comedy sketch characters, fine-tuning the creative energies of the individuals in the workshop, polishing their comic timing and delivery skills.  Julie may also bring in a guest director during the week as well. Participants will be invited to perform in a showcase on Friday, January x. This workshop will require some prep work prior to the first class.        


A step by step process to prepare for a TV/Film audition. Preparing your materials, finding clues about your character, developing the back story, making your character believeable, understanding more about the TV/film casting process.


Working with materials that will illustrate how to analyze scripts and develop strongly contrasting characters, Henri Lubatti will guide the young actor through a process of making choices that result in believable characters for TV and film auditions. Parents are welcome to sit in and become familiar with the process so they can coach their child if no one else is available.


An accomplished singer herself, Joylene Laws has been directing performers vocally for the past decade and has developed some truly fine voices. This series of classes will teach the performer to perform with style as well as teach proper breathing and vocal technique, pitch and tone recognition through ear training and how to recognize  and prevent vocal straining. Participants must come to first class with background accompaniment for a pop  or show tune fully memorized and ready to polish for performance on Friday, January. We have a source of providing background music for this, before the class starts. The songs can be digitally edited to your key. Please email for list of songs and fees.


Rachel is a working actor who has also directed children's theatre and assisted in YPS classes for several years. She is currently the dialogue/acting coach for a kids series, "BLOODHOUNDS". This class is for ages 4-7. Creative Dramatics and Improvisation for kids who are not fluent readers yet. Theatre games, memory  and focus exercises, simple scenes that teach blocking, picking up cues, hitting marks, staying in character, etc. Lots of fun but very learning specific and will develop skills that make directors happy to work  with your young performer.


Our favorite photographer, Carrie See, will offer a headshot special on January x.

$125 includes 36 shots, 4 x 6 proofs and the negatives, Hollywood studio location

Call  (818) 769-4568 ask for the YPS BOOT CAMP SPECIAL


We suggest that you call 661-799-1820  and press *2  or email to place performer’s name on the class list. We will hold space until January x without a deposit. A deposit of 50% of class fee is required to hold a space in a program. You may request that a full program description and any class requirements be emailed or faxed to you prior to enrolling. If enrolling in more than one program you are entitled to a discount on fees. Pay full price for highest fee class and get a 25% discount on any additional programs. If enrolling 2 or more siblings in a program, the first pays full price and each additional sibling receives a 25% discount. For example : Child A enrolls in the Production Workshop and pays $155     Child B enrolls in same program and pays $115 Child C enrolls in the On-Camera class for 3-5 and pays $40 Child A also enrolls in Vocal Performance and pays $45 TOTAL SAVINGS FOR THE FAMILY:  $70

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As always, our workshops are designed to mix beginners with seasoned performers and returning students. This enhances the learning environment for all participants. There are discounts for FULL DAY registrations. Call 661.799.1820 to reserve space now !!!


Audition skills, commercials, co-hosting, cue cards taught by Donnajeanne Goheen and Rachel Glenn

Ages 3-5 MWF  11:15-12:30 pm   $55 
Ages 6-10 MWF  9:00 - 11:00 am

or 1:30- 3:30 pm

Ages 11 and up MTWTh 4:00 - 6:00 pm $85


Theatre sports, character development and creative scene work with Joylene Laws

Ages 10 and up Tues/Thurs 1:00- 3:30 pm $65


Henri Lubatti is a master of characters and his resume is evidence of his ability to develop a wide range of film and TV characters -- learn how to analyze the materials for an audition and how to use a variety of techniques to fully prepare for auditions.

Ages 11 and up Monday     4:00-6:30 pm  $30


A kids’ TV pilot to workshop and perform on January x Directed by Joylene Laws formerly with the Sundance Institute, director of Jester Performing Arts. Audition required on Friday,  January x.

Ages 9 and up Monday-Friday 9 am - 1:00 pm $155


Julie Phelan is former casting director for Nickelodeon

ages 12 and up M/W/F     1:00 -3:30 pm $120

with Donnajeanne Goheen

Ages 9 and up     T / Th 1:30 - 3:30 pm $55

with Joylene Laws
A rare opportunity to work with a great vocal coach!

Ages 6-10 MWF    3:45 - 5:00 pm  $60
Ages 11 and up MTWTh   5:00 - 6:00 pm $60


Taught by Rachel Glenn
Creative Dramatics and Improvisation for kids who are not fluent readers yet.

ages 4-7 Tues/Thurs  11:15 - 12:45 $35


Call (661) 799-1820 to reserve space now!!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, email Young Performers Studio

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