Casey Floresca  
    Young Performers Studio: (888)351-1025
i.d. Kids (Commercial): (323)469-1100
Identity (Tv/Film) : (323) 469-1100
Seattle contact: (206)679-0496
    At age 6, Casey Floresca was singing on stage at Seattle Center and made her first trip to Hollywood that summer where she found quick success with commercials, industrials and a co-star role on E.R. with Anthony Edwards. She has made many trips to L.A. since that first summer, booking more commercials, recurring roles on "City Guys" and "Mad-TV" as well as the film "Parent Trap" and other film roles. In Seattle, she has performed extensively on stage as well. At age 15, she is enjoying high school, plays the violin, is learning Chinese, enjoys knitting and cross-stitch and has mastered responding to three IM Pals at once on the internet.    
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 90 lbs.
Height: 5'0"
Oliver Beene - FOX - Recurring
City Guys - NBC - Recurring
ER - NBC - Costar
MAD TV - FOX - Costar

Boy Wonderz - Supporting
Child's Place - Supporting
The Parent Trap - Supporting
China Captains - Supporting
80's Ending - Supporting

Resolving Conflicts - Lead
Lil Romeo Music Video - Featured
Infomercial (First Act Electric Guitar) - Principal
Hartford Insurance Industrial - Principal
Instructional Video - Principal

The New Kid - Lead - Nikki
Chicken Soup - Lead - Angie
Lil Orphan Fannie - Lead
Joy Luck Club - Young Waverly
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes - Sadako
Jack and the Beanstalk - Ensemble
A Christmas Carol - equity '99, '00, '01 - Ensemble
Station Kidd - Ensemble


Young Performers Studio (Scenework, Commercials, Improv) Ongoing since 1997 - Richard Liedle, Ingrid Shaw, Justin Irish, Deji Olasimbo, Jo McGinley
Cold Reading and Scene Study - David Wells
Film/TV/Commercial On-Camera Intensive - Tom Logan

Special Skills
Excellent Singing, HipHop, Jazz, Violin, Piano
Dialects: British, Southern, Puerto Rican, speaks some Chinese
: Rollerblading, Swimming, Boogie Boarding, Body Surfing, Snowboarding
Sharp and Intuitive, sense of humor, 4.0 GPA Student
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