The Dreams of Casey Floresca

[editor's note: Most of the entries are dictated to the editor. As Casey reads the entries, she likes to make corrections and additions.]

Monday Labor Day 9-3-95

I dreamed that I was in a place and there was a fire at a building and me and Merissa asked the firewoman if we could put out the fire. The firewoman asked us some questions. She asked us if we ever put out a fire before. We said no. And I think she gave us a chance. And then we did it. The end.

Thursday 9-7-95

Itís something about going away.

Um, I dreamed. I only remember the end. The end was that my Daddy said he had to go somewhere without me. Then I woke up and then I cried.

Wednesday 10-04-95

I was in an ocean and me and Daddy were swimming with the sharks and we didnít even get bit. And when we went to the other ocean, Mariam showed me how to jump like dolphins. And I was doing good when I did it. "Daddy, do you want to see me do it?" [runs across the room and jumps]

Friday 10-06-95

I was riding on a little teeny train and it was going a little fast....and it was night. It had stoplights and everything. Okay, this is how it goes. pointing with finger (zigzag or curling and back to the beginning)

Monday 10-09-95

It was winter. I remember I went like this. (making an angel in the snow) I think I went sledding and I think I made a snowfort. I think I made a showman and thatís it.

Wednesday 10-11-95

I dreamed that I was at a picnic party and me and Linette was listening to Batman songs in a sound theater. The end.

Wednesday 11-08-95

I dreamed that I was in a movie called, "Jurassic Park 3". And the first dinosaur that I saw was Stegosaurus. The next dinosaur was called Protoseratops. The end.

Sunday 12-09-95

a thought

There is a game and there is two different kinds of teams. On the girlís team, there was Majara, Liselle, me, Mauna, Brenda, the other Brenda, Jean and Pia. The boyís team had Edward, Tuscany, Jonathan, Alejandro and Henry. They sat together every day at school. When they sat together they kept on talking.

Thursday 12-14-95

Iím Pocahontas. And Iím on a ship. And on the first part of what I do is test my balance skills. But then I accidentally thought that the snow had a board under it. But it didnít, so I fell into the ocean. Then, I swam to the other side of the ship and then I climb back to the ship then I said, "Hi, Iím here." When the ship came to the waterfall, I dived from the top of the waterfall to the bottom. And I swam to the land. And there is a pirate teaching the girls how to play darts with play guns, fake guns. And the pirate was cheating because he told the African-American girl to put the dart gun in the wrong place. The End.

Thursday 3-28-96

I went to a house and then when I got out of the party, it was night. And I said when I was driving home, I said I saw Free Willy eating on a planet. There is a lot of white planets that look like the moon. We got to play "Thereís a plane."

Sunday 3-31-96

Itís not a dream. But itís a what I did. We went skating, itís really fun. and the trick was when I was holding both people, I put back my hands so I can go fast. Itís really fun because I got to eat and drink something, but I got a tummy ache. The end.

Friday 6-14-96 (Sonics beat Chicago in game #5 of 1996 playoffs)

We went to a carnival and then there was this really mean dog that looked like a fox. He tried to bite my legs. We are you and me. And he tried to bite you. The end.

Sunday 7-7-96

Mommy told me to put my overalls in my pajama drawer.

Sunday 10-27-96

I only remember one part. I went to this place and I think it was somewhere really hot....and then I went over there to buy some crayons. The end.

Saturday 12-14-96

I had three dreams

I went to Disneyland and they added this new ride and it was something about Sleeping Beauty. We had to run away from Malevolence when she came. When we saw her, we had to run to the bathroom because she said we had to brush our teeth before we went. I donít know the name of the other people in the rides. And the persons that got away got to slide down the slide and it looked like a rainbow piñata. At the end of the slide, there was a restaurant.

My next dream was I got to eat applesauce waffles. The end.

I canít remember the last dream.

Thursday 12-26-96

My dream, the other day, was that I lived and I went to a squirrelís house and the squirrel told us to help to load some nuts in a hole and it seemed like a long time, and other people helped me too, but I donít remember their names.

The next dream is one day that I went to this place, and this guy asked me if I opened my Christmas presents and he gave me a cookie and I said thank you and then I went to my daddy. Thatís the end.

Saturday 12-28-96

There was kind of like a play at my school and it had a playground that was bigger than our playground , way bigger.probobly loille, And we switched who every play, we switched parts every play. And one play I was Sleeping Beauty. And one time, we had to make a little circle with our hands and then we had to talk things like we have to get away. And then I climbed up on this thing and I turned the little dollhouse around and I spinned the platform around. This is also one of the dreams that I had before. my toddy said he had to pick me up erleay ,The end.

Sunday 12-29-96

I only remember the middle to the end. I got to open Christmas presents at a Christmas party. The end

Tuesday 12-31-96

We went to the mall and then we saw a lot of fish tank and they had dye on then and we met Betty and Veronica and Archie and Reggie and Kuya Aris and Mariam. And then when we got home, Reggie gave us wiggly stuff. The end

The other day

I slept over at Mama Isayís house and Linette was there and me was there. And we got to stay up lAte. The end.

Saturday 1-4-97

There was some mice and somewhere they turned into the Archie Comic people. And Reggie and Veronica were on one team and Betty and Archie were on the other team. and the teams fighted over cake. The end.

Sunday 1-5-97

I only remember the beginning. Mommy said she would take us to her work. And she said we had to climb the windows to get to her work. And before we climbed her windows, we read Goosebumpsí book and I had the Beast of the East book and another book and Calling All Creeps. And then, we climbed up the windows after we read them. Daddy stayed because he wanted to sleep. Linette came too. And then we climbed on a rope into the window . And then we had to wrap the black guy into the yellow thing. And then we had to put candycanes where they were supposed to be. And then we saw the black guys lAter and they looked like bees. And my mom said, "Are you sure you want to be the bee?í The end.

Tuesday 1-14-97

My dream was we had a swiming pool with a tv in it. And I wanted to watch the movie under wAter. And then you told me that it was about 50 minutes. Then I swam out of the swimming pool and put the movie back on the rack. The end.

Friday 1-17-97

I donít know where to start. I dreamed part of this dream before. Me and Merissa and Kuyang Michael were on teams and Michael was on his team and Merissa and me were on the other team. Itís like laser tag except thereís no laser guns. You hide behind the things in the house. And two of the pieces are movable. The thing in the top left corner of the other thing is in the bottom left corner. Thatís all I remember. The end.

Sunday 1-18-97

At school, it was pool day and we put our swimming suit on in the bath room and we went on the bus waited for it to go inside the water and the person sitting next to me was Ashley and the person across form me was Jamie. And we made some stuff for inside the pool and then it finally went inside the pool l and then I jumped outside the window and swam over to the side of the pool. The end.

Monday 1-20-97 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Let me think. I dreamed that we lived with George Washington and he let us look at some of the stuff. And we owned a store and our store had salmon that kind of talked but the other people, the customers, didnít believe us and there were some Eskimos that stayed in the freezer with the salmon and then they let them go out and we, um , layed on a pile of bags of rice and one girl said, "Why donít we call that a candle?" The end.

Thursday 4-10-97

I only remember the end. The librarian aksed me where his book was and then I went home and then Anthony said did you draw this? the end

Wednesday 4-30-97

We went through this haunted house thingy and then when we got out of it, and you know how itís around Mama Isayís house, um I found my classmates there. I didnít find everybody, just some. Let me think. I found Ashley, and Gussie, and Jamie, and Madeline and Roxanne and sometime at the beginning of the birthday dyou drive me across someplace and we say the statue of liverty but it wasnít NY, it was smaller. It was comptputer grpphics and we got to move it around. It was like an action fugure.Then we got to ride in the playground. It was so cool. The end.

Thursday 5-15-97

There was a castle and we saw people in it and I was on the deck and most of the prople that iI was were my classmAtes. Thatís all I remember abour it.

Not sure what day

I was late for school. When we were going home, and since we were really late, there was this bus and it was really reallly short and only two pleple could fir in it, the bus drivef and me. It was two me when I rode on it , it was short, but from the side it was thick. And thatís all I remember.

Friday 5-23-97

I got to swimming. Thatís all I can remember.

Saturday 5-31-97 Madrona School Picnic day

I remember that we went to go to a picnic. Some of my relatives were there and there was a big playground and there was this rope and I swang on it like a viper can. I was spinning like this (spins finger around parallel to the ground). While I was swinging, the rope broke and they brought a paper box out with a viper inside it. They let me hold the viper. The viper is a snake. I forgot the vipers name. The end.

Monday 6-16-97 Last week of school

I had a dream again. And thatís all I remember and I was in a little room. You know what little room that is. Do you? Itís the one where we signed up for that pageant. It was a big room I said.

Saturday 6-28-97 Day of YPS Talent Show @ Seattle Center

We lived with George Washington when he was little and we watched movies. And we watched cool mivies with 3d glasses. Then we got books about what the movies had in them. And one of the books said ameriga instead of America for Independence day (the movie.) And we had to see where everything was. And we climbed up the cliff and we looked at states and they had names on them. Then Daddy scared me we were still on the cliff, then Daddy went like this (he tapped me on the chest) and I woke up.

Sunday 7-6-97

I went to Mars with my friends and Madeline, Ashley, Sara B and Leah were here at the space shuttle. It looked like our school. We were Girl Scouts. Then we got on the space ship and guess what we Ate? Strawberries, guess what kind we Ate? Dried.

Sunday 8-31-97 Labor Day Weekend (third day of Lilí Orphan Fannie)

Mama said we were late for school. I was supposed to be a really really good school, but the thing is, when I looked inside, it was a teepee and the only thing I could see was two typing machines, verry very small typeing machines and a table. Thatís all I saw. But on the floor, I saw Veronica. She was writing a poem about flowers. We saw somebody we knew but I forgot their name. We had an idea selling chocolate lollipops. I woke up. Then I went back to sleep. I was right in the same spot. We were selling chocolate lollipops in the hot tub. Right when we got in, we were opening the lollipops for them and when we were done, they went out. We saw his friend so she bought one. She said I want a big one, but we said we donít have big ones, but you can have 4 small ones. Then I woke up, but went back to sleep. This time it was a different dream. We were at home and I slept in Mariamís room where she always used to sleep. There was somebody to fix everything. I had to sleep with mommy and daddy. The end.

Sunday 9-28-97 Day of Maharlika showcase at downtown library

Um, [intentional] We were camping [singing] and we um, [unintentional] were on the bus together. The seats on the back were highest. The seats in the front were lowest. The bus was diagonal. We were with Arnold and Jarold from HEY ARNOLD. we saw this spider hurt the beetle. I saw Samantha through the window and I mimed saying hello and you did nice on that picture. Then we went on boat and Jaroldís was in front of mine and Arnold was dressed like a girl. The end.

Friday 11-14-97


It was very, very funny. It had much music and when we went to see it I laughed very hard. I like Linus the best and then Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Lucy and then Charlie Brown.

Saturday 11-15-97 We lived on an island. Mariam and Kuya Aris were my brother and sister. Mariam and Kuya Aris went to the beach with me. Thereís a special place where there is a nintenddo 64 made out of bamboo. We have a lot of electricity on the beach. So Kuya Aris played the video game. We watched him. We know some shortcuts. We said pull on that leaf because it was a short cut. And then, we found somethine like a mini splash mountain. And we road it. Then Kuya Aris and Mariam went driving. They went driving to a restaurant. I stayed at the beach. They were three special leaves and when I picked them up... I fly up in the air. We go home and I see Kuya Aris there. All the girls I see there are just like animals. ...even Mariam was dresseed like an animal but she got very short. Then, our mom let us help her cook some Hawaiian food. We ate and we went to sleep and the next day, we put on our leave bathing suit and we went swimming. the end.

CASSANDRA - Nippon Kan Theatre

My friend was in it. But I discovered first. When my dad was getting the tickets, I saw his picture first. It was Jonathan Reis, my acting teacher- he was dressed like a lady. It ws very funny and musical. There was only 4 cast members but they played about 10 characters.

Sunday 12-7-97

Rachel and I were driving by ourselves and we were driving pretty good. We were driving to school by ourselves. We were like in high school but we were the same size. We had school but then we went to a soda fountain. I forget the rest.

Monday 12-8-97

We were going to a field trip to a gym in Endor. We rode a school bus. The Endorians shot us. Thereís three laser guns that were made out of paper and they were they were made out of paper so I tore them in half . Then, in a few minutes we were in Endor. there is a gym in Endor and we had to act out what we s on Endor. Onn the way with a friend and have one person see us. And you could do it some more if your want. or you could do it free-style.

Saturday 12-20-97

Everybody was a doll. It was scary. After that dream, I had so much other dreams, but they were only short. I donít know what to say because they werenít connected and they were really short. It was so confusing. I didnít like them. Today I puked.

Thursday 1-1-98

We went to the Red Seals contest. wait, I remembered something. Before that, I saw one girl go to the library, and she saw a book. And, um, thereís this one guy that keeps drinking root beer and he has a waterslide on his house but no one can get on it because it was are so high in the air. We went, my class and I went on a field trip to this really big room. I gathered all my friends, well, I gathered two of my friends and we made a catepillar and I took a picture of it. Letís get back to the Red Seal contest. Actually, it was a concert and in the very beginning, a real red seal came out and showed the sign to everybody. At the end the Red Seals had a special car and so did the real seal. The end