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This is a recipe for making something sold under the name of GAK or GACK! in stores. It's lots of fun for kids, as it's a cross between putty and Jell-o. It can be easily formed into different shapes, but will quickly lose that shape and become a formless puddle once you stop manipulating it. Best of all, it's very inexpensive to make yourself.


Mix the above until it's not sticky.

Separately, dissolve:

Add Borax solution to the glue solution. You will get a very thick clump of slime where the two mix. Now you must work in the rest of the solution. With clean hands, knead the Slime to get it to mix it well. This will take about ten minutes or so, and is not very difficult as the Slime easily separates between your fingers. If you desire a looser, more slimy texture, add a bit more water and knead it in. The more slimy this is, though, the more apt it is to get stuck in any fabric it comes in contact with. I recommend that children only be allowed to play with it on a table. If it gets stuck on any fabric, just soak it in water. In time, the Slime will simply dissolve. Have fun!

Bubble Solution # 1


Bubble Solution # 2


Let settle 4 hours before using. Refrigerate to store for long periods of time. Use at room temperature.

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