How to use the CD Czar Music Collection Manager to keep track of and play the MP3 and other audio files on your hard drive:

to inport entries from the cdpalyer.ini file click here

Beginning with CD Czar Version 5.6, you have this new, easier and more powerful method to fully integrate your audio files into CD Czar (the "old" method is still available and is described in black text following this section).   This means you can quickly find your artist or song whether on a CD, minidisc or audio file on your hard drive.
1.  In the opening screen, click the Add Other button in the green Manage Collection panel.
2.  In the screen which will appear, click on Import and then select your Winamp m3u style playlist. Winamp automatically incorporates ID3 tag informatiion from the music files, but in the event the mp3 files did not have their ID3 tags completed, use the "old" method below instead for these files.    By the way, you don't have to worry how long the playlist is - CD Czar can handle up to 999 songs in a single virtual album entry.  To insure that Winamp is set up to work correctly with CD Czar for this purpose, go to Winamp, use ctl-P for preferences, click on Titles under General Preferences,  select the first option in Metadata Reading box (to insure playlists are not saved before finished reading tags), then in the Advanced Title Formatting  box click check Use Advanced Title Formatting when possible and click the Default button in the Advanced Title Formatting box (if you have previously changed it).  Finally check the bottom 2 boxes (Show underscores in titles as spaces and Show '%20's in titles as spaces) and click Done.     For information on creating and managing Winamp playlists, while in Winamp press the F1 key (or select Winamp help from the system menu), select Index and enter Playlist EditingWinamp Lite is a freeware, small, quick loading audio player with no adware or spyware (versions of Winamp other than Lite take much longer to load).
3.  The Edit form will now appear.  The playlist file path will initally show as the Album Title, but you can change this as the playlist file path will also be in the Notes field in a line beginning with PLAYLIST=.  This entry in the notes field will be used to play the album if you click the green Play button in the main screen.  You will notice the Media Format entry as PL (for playlist) - don't change this or the album won't play when you press the Play button in the main screen.

This above playlist method is for audio files ONLY, use one of the other methods for CDs.

If for some reason you don't want to use the above method, you can use this method instead (which doesn't require Winamp):

1.  In the opening screen, click the Add Other button in the green Manage Collection panel.

2.  In the screen which will appear, click on Freedb or other site button and follow the color coded directions for that site.

3.  After you have found your Album and copied the info to the clipboard as described, click OK.  The Edit Screen will now appear with data already filled out for most of the fields, including tracks.  Complete the data in the azure colored panel as follows:
3A.   Select LD (local hard drive) or RD (remote/removable drive) from the Media list.
3B.   If you selected LD (local drive) and want to be able to play the files with CD Czar, click the Mask Maker button (which only appears when Media is LD) and select the audio files for your album.  CD Czar will then automatically create the Directory&File Mask entry in the Media Label entry box (or in Notes if it won't fit in Media Label).  If you choose, you could edit or create this Directory&File Mask manually (example: \music\rock\Elvis\Burning\*.mp3), especially if you want to shorten the Mask to "cut and paste" it from Notes to the more convenient Media Label.  If the Mask remains in the Notes field it must be on the first line by itself.

4.  If everything is now to your satisfaction, click the OK button and you're back at CD Czar's main screen.

5.  If you do not have all of the album's tracks as MP3 files on your drive, you can click on the Playlist button in the green Manage Collection panel to select those tracks that you do have.

6,  Now when you click on the green Play button on the main screen, your audio files will play in the same way as tracks on a CD in your CD-ROM drive.  If you also happen to have the CD itself in the CD-ROM drive and want to hear that instead of the MP3 files, just double-click on the beginning track.

Honest, it's not as hard as it may seem, just try it and you'll see!

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