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Folk/Blues/Jazz Singer & Songwriter
Social Activist

Click here to see great jazz video of  Barbara from 1958

Barbara may be the best-kept secret of the 60's.  While the other performers of

"The Great Folk Scare" were achieving fame in the folk dens of Greenwich Village NYC and Boston/Cambridge MASS, Barbara was on the west coast.  If you're a folk music fan, hear what you missed on her "Anthology..." album.   Blues fans have her duet album with Lightening Hopkins.   Barbara is also directly selling some other of her blues and jazz albums from her Official Web Site where you can also find info on upcoming concerts and appearances.


Discography  There is also a link at that site to a report (including photos and a biography in German) on her appearance at Cafe Harlem in Berlin, November 20, 2001.

Available CDs and cassettes
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Anthology of American Folk Songs
Recorded in 1959 at the Ash Grove where she was a regular performer, this is a true buried treasure from the Great Folk Scare Era.  Her strong, dramatic and engaging voice truly does justice to these traditional folk and blues songs.

Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me
A 1964 duet album with Lightening Hopkins.   The CD includes additional solo tracks by Barbara.

Barbara also has a few tracks on this compilation album:
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
"...Susie Erenrich of the Cultural Center for Social Change has produced this 2-CD set of songs from or about the [Civil Rights] movement in Mississippi. Many of the tracks are reissued from 30-year-old recordings and include most of the greatest topical singers and songwriters of that     period..." - Sing Out  11-12/94-1/95, p.126

Barbara sings "Girl Of Constant Sorrow" on this compilation of Folk Blues of the 50s and 60s.
Corner of Bleecker & The Blues

Barbara on her April 1999 concert in Cuba

Poster for 1977 Guardian benefit concert

The Vietnam Songbook, a collection of songs about the Vietnam conflict,  was edited by Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber and published by The Guardian in 1969.  Irwin Silber handles the sales, and one can reach him via e-mail at:

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