Page One - City's Authority over SHA goes beyond simply the role of the Council and Mayor to make board appointments.  At the very least, the City under still valid agreements with SHA retains authority to approve or disaprove any plans affecting their public housing stock including the Scattered Site Program
























The following letter accompanies the above amendments to the 1939 agreement establishing the housing authority and further clarifying the City's explicit authority over all SHA housing projects.  This original 1939 agreement with the 1940 language clarifying the city's authority has never been repealed by the City.  On one occasion in 1961, the City added language to other provisions of the agreement but it did not take away the City's authority over SHA housing developments.  It did not alter paragraph 1. 




















Under this agreement creating SHA and clarifying City authority over all SHA "projects", the term "projects" is defined in the following manner:














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Follow this story to a discussion of the 1978 and 1979 Scattered Site Agreements and Conclusions we can draw from all of these SHA/City documents:

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