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See all green space and lower density in old Rainier Vista remaining on eastside of Rainier. 



Formerly at Rainier Vista, low income residents had access to their own yards and then a common courtyard where kids and families from all races could commingle.  There were community gardens in these courtyards and park benches and picnic tables.   Everyone knew each other and had room to socialize and recreate together

These are the kinds of places many of the former public housing residents are now living inódense apartment buildings and they are consigned to the peripheries of the development and segregated from more affluent homeowners higher up and with the the views


Low income segregated here in new projects

Othello Building: This is part of the New Holly Project where low income will be shuffled off to along main drag


Placing the poor in cramped and tighter quarters while the more affluent residents get the views and the $500,000 homeowner unitsóA new kind of segregation


























































New Holly (above) looks more like South Chicago's Cabrini Green (below):













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