Updated May 2007: note that now estimates of the cost of the Mayor's 2-Way (and narrowed Valley) alternative exceeds $300 million

- To help pay for it, the Mayor has hidden a line item of $150 million within the the planned RTID regional transportation package (assuming voters approve the package this coming Fall). 

- Another $30 million dollars was hidden in the "bridging the gap" transportation levy approved last fall ('06) by voters .....and you thought you were paying for sidewalks, bridge repair, and street improvements in our nabe's

Results of Elway Poll printed here:


Seattle Displacement Coalition

Mercer Street Corridor

November 2004

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The Elway Poll NOV 2004


Seattle Displacement Coalition

Proprietary Questions: Mercer Street Corridor

This summary presents response frequency distributions for the November 2004 Elway


Telephone interviews were completed with 393 registered voters between Nov 18-21,

2004. The overall margin of sampling error is ±5%. That means, in theory, there is a 95%

probability that the results of this survey are within ±5% of the results that would have been

obtained by interviewing all registered voters in the state.

The data are presented here with exact questionnaire wording.

The figures in bold type are percentages of respondents who gave each answer.

Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding.

A1. The City of Seattle is studying a plan to turn the Mercer Street Corridor into

a 2-way boulevard. This project is intended to encourage new development

at South Lake Union and to make this part of the city more pedestrian friendly.

City studies indicate that these changes will not reduce traffic congestion

or improve travel times between Seattle Center and Interstate 5, and may

increase the number of congested intersections. Estimates are that the

project will cost $150 to $200 million dollars.

City government currently has a projected budget deficit of about $20

million dollars, and a citywide task force recently said Seattle is $500 million

dollars behind in repairs and basic maintenance for neighborhood streets,

bridges and sidewalks.

Given this, do you support or oppose using between $150 and $200 million

in public funds to turn Mercer Street into a two-way boulevard? Would you

say you…


Strongly Support The Mercer Street Plan…14%

Somewhat Support…12%

Somewhat Oppose…19%

Strongly Oppose The Mercer Street Plan…36%