Record levels of residential growth but more than enough existing zoning capacity so why are we upzoning the heck out of our neighborhoods?

  The growth of Seattle's residential development capacity  

* All information on this chart drawn from city sources

        Total Capacity      
  2010 capacity in urban villages     110,785      
  2010 capcity outside villages     39855      
      Total  150,640      
  Since Jan 2010 units added            
      2010 3634      
      2011 2136      
      2012 2675      
      2013 6284      
      total added: 14729      
  Adjusted Capacity subtracting new units          
  from 2010 total   total:  135,911      
  Additional capacity due to upzones            
  added back in since 2010:            
  Yesler Terrace Upzone 4000          
  West Seattle Junction 600          
  Roosevelt Upzones 700          
  South Downtown upzone 4200          
  Othello Upzone  304          
  North Beacon Hill 617          
  single family areas to mixed  307          
  South Lake Union 11,000          
  total:  21,728          
  Source: Seattle DPD documents Additional Capacity 21728      
      Jan 2014 Total Capacity 157,639      
      2005 20 year or PSRC GMA 2024 target:  47,000      
      2010 PSRC GMA Total Assigned to Seattle 2005-2031:  86,000      
      Unapproved city set 2015-2035 Target  70,000      
    Why are we continuing to upzone our neighborhoods?          
      total units added since 2005 counting 13,760 in permitting: 49,082      
      since 2005 we've already reached 104% of 2024 target        
      and we've reached 57% of our 2031 target        
    we're adding at a rate of 5000 per year        
      at this rate we'll hit our 2031 target in a little over 7 years by 2022        
      and at this rate of growth, we'll hit our upwardly revised 2035 target by 2029        
        From 2015-2035, city officials have decided we must add 70,000      
      current capacity: 157,639      
      GMA says we need capacity at 125% of assigned target        
      we've already exceeded our 2005-2024 target under existing zoning by over 2000 units        
      we' must add another 36,918 units to meet our 2031 target        
      amount of capacity to remaining 2005-2031 target 427%      
      amount of capacity to 2015-2035 city set target of 70,000 225%      
  2014 docket of planned upzones (someone explain the need for these upzones):         
           University Community Urban Center transit oriented development regulatory changes 300' towers planned      
           Interbay rezones and land use regulatory proposals to support transit oriented development in Interbay.      
           North Rainier Hub Urban Village Rezone and Neighborhood Plan Implementation        
           Rainier Beach Residential Urban Village Rezone and Neighborhood Plan Implementation      
           Broadview/ Bitter Lake / Haller Lake Rezone and Neigborhood Plan Implementation 23rd and Union/ Cherry / Jackson      
    jackson included          
           Uptown Urban Center Including the Broad / Aurora / Denny Triangle Area        
  ----  Lake City Corridor