The Programs and Games

The Sounds

He's dead Jim 23k
The intro to ST:TNG 460k
Spock and Bones agree. They must be sick. about 32k
Spock "there are always alternitaives 24k
Spock analyizing something 25k
Kirk getting the crew reading for battle 37k
Bones begging Spock to do something 18k
Kirk askin Spock about a boundry 165k-good sounding sound file
I'm a doctor NOT an engineer 28k
I'm I a doctor or a moon shuttel condutor 25k
I'm a doctor NOT a brick layer 14k
Were all dying!!! 20k

As always I ask that you help me out, if you have any programs that you think should be here email them to me, or give me the location and I will check them out. As I am always trying to improve these pages any comments are welcome. Thanks.