My dad works at Metro Transit for King County, Washington. He's the Chief of Maintainance for South Base located in Tukwila. Metro Transit has their own Web page. My dad is also in charge of the care and operation of the Metro wrecker ( the tow truck). My mom works as a public accountant. My dad was born here in Washington in 1952, and has one brother and two sisters. My mom was born in 1959, and she has two brothers and two sisters. My sister, Megan, goes to school at St. Philomena and my brother, Michael, goes to Maywood Elementary in Des Moines, WA. My Dad, my brother and I also enjoy camping. We usually camp at lake Ozette. The camp site is actually along the Lake Ozette River. After driving about 3 to 4 hours we spend the rest of the day hiking. There is a trail that is about 3 miles long that leads right to the beach where the river empties into the ocean. The average stay is about 5 days, give or take a day. Usually we back pack the trail. My Dad carries about 100 pounds and I usually carry about 70 to 80 pounds.