Kes was born on the devasted Ocampa homeworld, in the Caretaker's underground haven for her people. Her father, Beneren, was one of the greatest figures in her life, but he died when she was only one year old. Without his enouragement, Kes would never have left the Ocampa city.

After his death, she left the city. Outside, she fell in love with Neelix and was captured by the Kazon-Ogla. With the help of Voyager, Neelix rescued her.

Kes episodes:
"Eloguim" - Alien creatures accelerate Kes' reproductive process and she enters the Eloguim, the only time she is able to have a child.
"Cold Fire" - Kes meets Ocampa on board another Array, and they tutor her in her telepathic abilities.