Neelix was born in the Delta Quadrant, on the Talaxian homeworld. After the Haakonian's destruction of Rinax, a Talaxian moon, Neelix was one of the first to visit the devasted world. After the war, Neelix left his home planet and became a scavenger and trader around the Delta Quadrant.

Neelix episodes:
"Phage" - Neelix's lungs are stolen by the Vidiians.
"Jetrel" - Neelix confronts the scientist who destroyed much of the Talaxian race, including his own family
"Parturition" - Neelix and Paris make unlikely teammates and even more unlikely caretakers to a newborn alien.
"Investigations" - Neelix creates and hosts a daily breifing show. His investigations lead him to believe Paris had been trading information to the Kazon all along.
"Tuvix" - Neelix and Tuvok are combined by a freak transporter accident into one entity - Tuvix.