This is a free, full text booklet on the skirmish drill which anyone can download and print. The text derives directly from Hardee's Revised Tactics (Goetzel, 1861) plus it contains relevant paragraphs from LeGal's School of the Guides.  I also added text for the methods of firing while kneeling and firing while laying from Hardee.  Paragraph numbering in the body of this booklet is to the Instruction for Skirmishers as found in Hardee’s Revised and Improved Tactics (Goetzel, 1861).

    For the folks who use Casey and Gilham, you'll find there are virtually no differences between Hardee, Casey and Gilham. 

    This booklet is free to downloadIt has been created for use in the field.  Don't worry if the rain gets to it. Use it for fire starter. Use it as necessary paper. Maybe even read it. If it gets destroyed, print another when you get home.  It's that simple.  You won't find a better manual for the price, but you can pay much more for a lesser manual.  As far as printing and reprinting the manual is concerned :

    All rights reserved. Liberal and extensive distribution of this FREE pamphlet is encouraged. However, reassimilating, rearranging, cutting, pasting, reorganizing and/or otherwise taking credit for any part of this work without the written permission of the author is prohibited. Hey, I put some serious time into this pamphlet!

    The method for printing the booklet is the same as noted in my other booklets.

    First, open the odd pages for the pdf booklet by clicking on this link :  Open the document and select print. Check the print properties making certain that the print orientation is on LANDSCAPE, not portrait. Print the first twelve sheets.  Don't rearrange the sheets. Reinsert the sheets into your printer making certain that :

(1) the blank sides will be printed next,
(2) the first page printed previously will be the first page printed in this second printing, and
(3) the edge of the paper which exited the printer initially will now be the last edge to leave printer.

    It sounds harder to describe than it really is. I just scoop my first set of copies as they are printed, flip them without rearranging the individual pages so that the blank side will now be printed, and drop the stack into the paper feeder of my printer.

    Second, click on this second link to open the even pages for the pdf booklet :  Print. If you've done it right, you've got a two sided booklet. I printed a booklet for myself using these two links so I know it works. Enjoy.

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