This is a test to check which of the CSS @media types are supported by the browser.

screen supported
handheld supported
print supported

The modes should be mutually exclusive: in compliant browsers, only one of the media types should be supported at one time. It is interesting to try "print preview" mode.

The handheld media type is rare these days, and deprecated. It has been supported by several browsers on smart phones. It was part of the 2012 CSS3 spec: Media Queries. It looks like it is set to be deprecated: Media Queries Level 4: W3C Working Draft (but it also says all the media types will eventually be deprecated.) Here is another set of tests: Test of support for CSS Media types.


Opera Mobile 11.10 has 2 modes "single column" or the default. In single column mode, it supports only handheld, otherwise only screen. Checked in Android.

Opera Mini v. 6 – 22 has a mode: "Mobile view", on or off. If this mode is on, handheld is supported, otherwise screen. Checked in Symbian and Android.

The browser distributed with Nokia Symbian phones always supports handheld only, although in that mode it also supports CSS2 max-screen-width

The default Android browser (the Google browser) reacts well to the HandheldFriendly meta-tag in HTML. If it has the content "true",