Some important computer programming languages

General-purpose languages
Language Name ca Inventor HW!
FORTRAN Formula Translator ‘57 J. Backus at IBM x
LISP List Processing ‘58 J. McCarthy at MIT x
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language ‘60 CODASYL Committee x
BASIC Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code ‘63 J. G. Kemeny & T. E. Kurtz at Dartmouth U. x
Pascal for Blaise Pascal ‘70 N. Wirth x
C a language named B came first ‘72 D. Ritchie at Bell Labs x
Modula Modular Language ‘77 N. Wirth x
Ada for Ada Lovelace ‘79 J. Ichbiah’s team at Honeywell for DOD x
C++ an Orwellian increment of C ‘86 B. Stroustrup x
Perl Practical Extraction and Report Language ‘87 L. Wall x
Oberon after the moon Oberon of Uranus ‘88 N. Wirth x
Python for Monty Python’s Flying Circus ‘91 G. van Rossum x
Java named by marketing committee? ‘91 Sun x
Ruby play on Perl ‘95 Y. Matsumoto
C# play on C++ ‘00 Microsoft
Special-purpose languages
sh, csh, ksh, bash Unix shells ‘70s various x
SQL Structured Query Language ‘70s IBM
PostScript ‘82 Adobe x
TCL/TK Tool Command Language ‘90 J. Ousterhout at UCB
AppleScript ‘93 Apple
JavaScript was “LiveScript”, renamed upon alliance with Sun ‘95 B.Eich for Netscape x
PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ‘95 R. Lerdorf x

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