MIDI Players and Editors for Linux

I’m looking for a MIDI editor that shows and edits musical score notation. Still not satisfied. There are others at freshmeat under Multimedia--> Sound/Audio --> MIDI.

This is Ubuntu Linux 8.04.

KDE MIDI player

minimal interface MIDI player

won’t play big symphony files—maybe just chokes on big instrument numbers


MIDI sequencer with Motif interface

Latest version has complicated but not completely accurate instructions.

Requires lots of external tools. Got stuck on tex2rtf (although I have latex2rtf.) Why does it require this to build the binary?


MIDI sequencer/editor

pretty interface: now KDE

Waits for a long time for “Sequencer to come up”, then presents a hung interface.

Solution: modprobe snd_seq.

put snd_seq in /etc/modules. Then Rosegarden can start.

But still no sound!