Linux Web Browsers
roughly in order of my personal preference
Last update May 7, 2018.
Browsers being supported
FirefoxMozilla59.0The browser.
ChromeGoogle66.0.x.xBig contender, based on open-source Chromium browser
OperaOpera52.0Great browser. Runs on many OSs
KonquerorKDE4.14.16Browser/file manager (About window says copyright 2008)
elinksP. Baudis0.12pre6Text-only. Based on Links
IronSRWare65.0.xAlso based on open-source Chromium browser, but without Google connections.
linksM. Patocka2.12Text-only. Tables and frames!
w3mA. Ito0.5.3Text-only (does tables!)
dillodillo guys3.0.5In C, FLTK2 (higher version than in my distro); minimal (no support for non-Latin alphabets).
SeaMonkeyMozilla2.46All-in-one Internet App
AroraBenjamin C Meyer0.11.0Lightweight, Qt and WebKit based
Under Wine
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft6Using Crossover
Browsers on hold
AmayaW3C11.4.4Editor, Web standards test. No change since 2012.
SkipstoneMuhri1.0.1 GTK+ front end for Mozilla--last news 2008
GaleonGnome2.0.2Requires Mozilla install--no change since 2006. See Gnome Web.
BrowseXBrowseX2.0.0In Tcl/Tk. Not so minimal. Sourceforge site has lost all its files...
ArachneArachne Labs1.66bAlpha. Lots of dependencies not in Linux dist. No change since ‘00
KylieU. Eriksson0.0.7Frames & tables. segfaults immediately. no change since ‘02
Browsers no longer supported
ICEBrowserICESoft6.1.3Java SDK. Many plugins. Cool Web Start Demo. Withdrew from market 2009
Navigator 9Netscape9.0.0.6AOL announced Nescape is discontinued.
XBrowserA. Arvanes4.3Java. Slow and buggy. No change since ‘01. Site gone.
QuasarO. K. Espinosa0.1Uses Gtk and w3c-www libs. Very alpha. No change since ‘01.
wApuaA. Beckert0.05devWML browser in Perl/Tk. No update since ‘00
wb0K. Kulhavy000324Front end for links. No update since ‘00, site gone
Armadillo?0.3.10GTK+. Was gzilla. No update since ‘99. Web page gone.
mMosaic?3.7.2Derived from NCSA Mosaic. no change since ‘00
CommunicatorNetscape4.79once the king
ScateApostol1 Implementation of ICEBrowser. Web page is gone.
ArenaW3Cbeta-3bPrecursor to Amaya.
GrailCNRI0.6Tcl/Tk. Written in Python
MosaicNCSA2.6The first graphical web browser
Plume??Tcl/Tk—now maybe called SurfIt!
zennocrew.web0.2.3Replacable interface. GPL. web site gone ‘15.

Also see Helge Kreutzmann’s list of WWW-Browsers for Linux