on-the-fly to HTML converter

You have seen to HTML converters before. What’s new about this one?

With the View Source menu item in your browser, look at the source of one of the XSLT examples below. You will see that the is embedded directly into the HTML!

(better browsers only)
(any modern browser)
LateXML overview LateXML overview
some characters some characters
some arrays some arrays
some decoration some decoration

One advantage to the web page author is that, if they are familiar with , they can put their formulas directly into a web page. The LateXSL system works out the formatting.

For a reader, LateXSL affords several advantages over other common technologies

What about MathML? That’s a wonderful standard.

In principle, LateXSL could output MathML instead of HTML for the browser to display. Perhaps some day.