Steve White’s Animaux

In Zürich in May, strolling about the lake with my friend Julian, we saw Lachmöwe, (Black-headed Gulls) in their variety of colorations.

We also saw some colorful ducks, which I am going to call Mittelsäger, but this is not a positive ID. For one thing, they would have been out of place here. (But then, birds ain’t nothin if they ain’t mobile.)

Summer has come already in Potsdam, but I haven’t seen much new this year. One new bird was Trauerschnäpper (Pied Flycatcher) in Park Sanssouci. I think they hang bird houses there specially for certain species.

I have also seen several pipits along the Havel; these I take to be Bergpieper (Pipit), on account of the dark legs and white underside. These had also a dark spot on the collar… I don’t see such things in my pictures…

Kayaking around on the Großer Plessauer See with my Kolleg, Marcus, I saw a group of Graugänse.

In Angelo State Park near San Angelo, Texas, there is a bird watching station, complete with a blind, feeders and a water fountain.

There my Mom, my sister Linda and I watched lots of birds go by. I saw my first Tufted Titmouse, Western Bluebird, and also a more familiar White-Crowned Sparrow.

In the middle of December, walking across the poor, dwindling field from Bahnhof Golm to the MPG campus, my colleague Brygg and I were surprised by a male Goldammer (Yellowhammer) who landed in the grass near the path and looked up at us.