Steve White’s Animaux

Fifteen or so Eichelhäher land in one tree, cawing as usual.

Very shortly after they all land, the cawing changes to a quiet blurbling, with little tweets. This goes on for 20 seconds or so, then changes to a completely different sound, again relatively quiet. Each time, the whole group together very quickly, in a matter of a few seconds, changes the sound, and then again and again and again, until they decide to fly to another tree, and start cawing again.

The AIP owl flies in around noon noisy parade of birds follow, lead by Eichelhäher, I counted 5 or 6 species at one view.

Pair of Spechte in Spring in one small tree. Female flies to another tree (not too far); male shortly follows. She flies to another tree (again not far). He follows. She flies to the trunk of a small tree, again not too far. He follows again, and they do a sort of dance around the tree trunk. Not long. Then she flies to another small tree…etc.

Fireflies in Park Sanssoucie! Around midnight in the warm summer dark, something—glints in the bushes. Closer investigation reveals a new world, it hits me as a Disney representation of fireflies, moving so slow among the branches, doing their lantern mating dance.

Pink is a peculiar color to see in the creek, but there it was. Black and pink, followed by a trail in the mud, and I cannot compute what I’m looking at. There are three or four of them. Did the water move some stones? But no. I see one wiggle. And then I see it: one pushes itself along with a pink foot. They’re freshwater molluscs, here Süßwasser Weichtiere.