Boracay Island, The Philippines

(This was written by my dad.)

My brother and his wife visited Boracay in November and persuaded me to see it last January.. The island is only about 7km long with long white sand beaches. The 35 minute plane ride from the domestic airport is about $80 r/t to Kalibo on the island of Panay. From there it is about a 2 hour ride to Caticlan, where you take a 10 minute boat ride to Boracay. It's a beach landing so wear appropriate footwear. We made arrangements to be picked up in Kalibo with an air-con van. There are about 20 or 30 resorts ranging from 250 to 2000 pesos. The less expensive ones are some distance from the beach. We stayed at the Casa Pilar which has nipa hut cottages with electricity, toilet, sink, shower and an electric fan and was 700 pesos/night. If any of you go to the Casa Pilar, please give my regards to Shirley Parcon, the manager. Up the beach were villas with marble floors, air-con, hot and cold running water and were very pricey. There is horseback riding, water-skiing, and many certified scuba diving schools. There are many discos and restaurants with local menus, $3.00 buffets and folk dancing floor shows as well as German, Mexican, Italian, English, and Austrian restaurants. The beaches are level, no drop offs, no rocks, little bits of coral , clear water, and very warm. The beaches are not crowded and while we were there, most of the visitors were Australian or European, some topless. Vendors stroll the beaches with coral bracelets and necklaces. A massage on the beach is P100/P150. We rented a boat in Boracay for 1/2 a day, only P600. I think the only complaint anyone could have about Boracay is, not being able to spend enough time there.

The exchange at this time was about 27 Pesos/Dollar.

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