Casey Floresca's Gallery

Photographs from here and there...

All of the Nation Pre-Teen Petite Queens at Universal Studios Orlando

Casey's first title role - Lil' Orphan Annie

The cast of Lil' Orphan Fannie"

Ami - The Littlest Mermaid and Casey in her New York New York costume

Start Spreading The News (New York, New York)

A benefit showcase at the Nippon Kan Theatre for the Northwest Asian American Theater

In the snow in front of her house

Casey (on the left) and her friend

If you recognize her friend, you probably watch a lot of Nickelodeon.

Casey in Hula attire

Casey in her ballet regalia

One of many days at Universal Studios

If you're going to spend the day waiting for your agent to page you, you might as well be waiting at Universal Studios.

Dad and Casey

Casey's first recording

the CIATEL SESSIONS was recorded one weekend in November

The cast of KIDZ

Performed at The Bumbershoot Celebration, Seattle Center

Casey and Mariam, Christmas