Orlando Florida, November 1997

Casey Floresca
Miss Washington National Pre-Teen Petite 1998

(I dictated this to my daddy)

November 22, 1997 Saturday

I said good-bye to my sister. I gave her a hug and I thought of my friends and I almost cried. We went to the airport but we missed our flight, so we went to eat breakfast. I ate and then I asked Mom for my tooth because the dentist pulled it yesterday with pliers. It was very long.

I have to wear my sash and crown whenever I fly in an airplane. That’s OK because I like to wear it in public. Sometimes, I wear it when we go grocery shopping. We got on the plane and went to Minneapolis. It was cold and there was lots of snow, tons of snow and we had pretzels on the plane and I did addition and subtraction.

We rode on the moving sidewalk until we got to the video games. I played Pac-Woman and Kung Fu Fighting. Then, we got on the plane, I fell asleep then woke up and ate an Italian sandwich with shortbread cookies and some gummi bears.

Then, we were in Orlando. We waited and waited and then we waited. We got into the van and got out at the Hotel. They had my picture in the lobby. We went upstairs to see Ate (pronounced ah' tay) Rachel and I gave her a hug. We practiced our speeches and I helped her with her gift bags. I tell you, I’m a night owl. I went to sleep 2:30 in Florida time.

November 23, 1997 Sunday

Today, since I woke up, I was thinking about Universal Studios. We are going tomorrow. I did my gift giving. The other Queens and Princesses did their gift giving and I got lots of stuff. We stood on the stage and talked about what we gave. I gave Almond Roca, fishy things and even more. They make 800k Almond Rocas every day in Tacoma. Ate Rachel gave me one of her Kaboodles and I gave her Tootsie Rolls, well, hey, it’s almost Christmas.

We had an autograph party. I brought a T-shirt and markers and some people brought pillow cases and sweatshirts. We signed each others stuff and played and had fun. I was almost going swimming but Mommy said no because we’re going to Universal Studios early tomorrow. After I took a bath, I went to sign posters. All the pageant people had posters in front of their room. Me and Ate Rachel had one too!!

November 24, 1997 Monday

We rode a bus to Universal Studios for the Queens and Princesses only. We got off and went in front of the Universal Studios Fountain Globe to take group pictures of all the contestants. After taking pictures, we went to Kongfrontation. We saw King Kong and he was right by our seat and he almost poked his fingers inside the tram. The operator looked like someone on Sabrina, the teen-aged Witch. I almost rode the water slide with my sash. I remembered my Mom’s promise that I could go swimming tonight.

We went to Terminator 3-D. It was cool. Everything jumped into my face. After that, Nickelodeon Studios. When we were in line, we saw Ate Rachel, Donnajeanne and Miss Ohio and her mom so we let them come with us in line. Inside, we saw them making a commercial with reindeer. We saw people playing a game. One representing Rugrats and the other Kenan and Kel. Then on the way out, I ate some slime. Before I ate the slime, we saw the set for Gulla Gulla Island. Then, we went to Hanna Barbera. We had to save Elroy from Dastardly Dan. Dastardly Dan kidnapped him. It was like the Back to the Future ride.

After Universal, I went swimming with Miss Arizona and someone else, but I forgot who. The pool was a connected pool, indoors, swim through the plastic and you’re outdoors. There is a wading pool outside.

November 25, 1997 Tuesday

We had rehearsal in the morning. The song in our production number is "Saturday Night." We have to do a lot of steps and pointing and learn to sing the song. Miss New York gave everyone a Statue of Liberty crown and they took a picture of us. I made a new friend Miss Vermont. Her name is Michelle Doaner. She took me to Daytona Beach. We killed the waves before we went swimming. We gave them something to eat that they were allergic to. We were just being silly. We jumped in the waves. We collected shells. The sand was red, black and white. We drove passed a fake alligator and took pictures. The place we took pictures was in his (the alligator’s) mouth. Then, we ate at Steak and Shake.

I modeled my outfits, gown, interview, party dress and ‘70 outfit. I have to go to sleep early because we have competitions early tomorrow.

November 28, 1997 Wednesday

We had the essay, sportswear and talent costume competition. My essay was about parakeets, but I don’t really have parakeets. I modeled tennis sportswear. My talent costume was a tuxedo with a bowtie and a glittery shirt that Mommy thought it wasn’t itchy but it was.

I have to go to sleep early because the talent contest is so early in the morning.

November 27, 1997 Thursday Thanksgiving

We woke up early and I had a bagel for breakfast. I warmed up my voice because I had my talent contest. I wore a blue dress for my first talent. My first talent was a song MY FAVORITE THINGS from the “Sound of Music.” Once in Korea there was this guy and he showed the” Sound of Music” in his movie theater. He decided it was too long and shortened it by cutting out all the songs and changed the title to the “Sounds of Silence.” Then, I did my Piano Lesson monologue. Then I went to the lobby to warm up my voice for my next song. I sang NEW YORK NEW YORK. The members of my club, The A Team, Serena, Miss Iowa sang SINGING IN THE RAIN, Kara, princess from Virginia didn’t do talent. Erica, Miss Alabama in the Pre-Teens played the piano. Sydney, Miss Virginia, sang SOMEDAY, I’LL BE A MISS AMERICA and SAM, YOU MADE MY PANTS TOO LONG. Our club met on the Internet.

In the afternoon, we modeled our party dresses. We said our state speeches.

At night we went to the Thanksgiving Awards Dinner. We sat with Miss Oregon, Karissa Blesser and Rebecca, Miss North Carolina Petite. They announced I was in the top 5 talent and would perform at the pageant finals tomorrow. I went swimming with Courtney and some other girls.

November 28, 1997 Friday

Today we went to interviews. There were 8 judges and each one asked me questions for 3 minutes. Like what is your name, what TV show were you on, what part did you play, how old are you, do you have a girl or boy principal, if you could ask me a question, what question would you ask. One judge said sing a little part of a song. I sang NEW YORK NEW YORK. He said that’s great. He asked me if I have an agent or a manager. I said my manager is here in the hotel so he said he wants to talk to her when the pageant is over. He’s from New York. At dress rehearsal, we had to do our costume changes and perform our opening number three times. We had a secret, we were going go make our parents practice the opening number with us. Mommy danced and Daddy took a picture. The we went to eat at Denny’s to eat my favorite, chicken fried steak.

At the pageant, we started to do our opening act and it was fun. I have a copy of the music so I can dance it at home. Then, we introduced ourselves, I said, "Casey Floresca, Seattle." And there’s this one little girl, from Connecticut, and she says Ashley Hodges, Derby, really, really cute. All of the girls imitated her. I say it too. People, when they hear me , they say, “ You do it good!!! Then, I sang NEW YORK NEW YORK. Miss Illinois, Lindsey Stewart, won first place talent. She was a tapper. That means she is a tap dancer.

Miss New Hampshire won the pageant. Her name is Krystal. She was in a lot of pageants before. I was the Washington Queen and Lindsey Walters was the Washington Princess. She was top 5 talent too. Both of us are going to sing at the Bellevue Club on Thursday.

November 29, 30 and December 1 Saturday, Sunday and Monday

We saw the Pre-Teen pageant, Disney MGM and Universal Studios and went swimming every day. Miss Oregon, my friend, Karissa, won the Pre-Teen Pageant.

December 2, 1997 Tuesday

When the airplane was landing in Seattle, there is a voice-over saying, “Thank you for riding Northwest Airlines.” I said, “You’re welcome!” really loud and everyone in the plane laughed .

The End