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I'm currently in two plays right now. (January 2003)

One is a West Seattle Kids Theatre production that is touring Seattle area schools and is called "The New Kid." It is about a young girl who moves from another country to America. Nikki speaks "Homelander" except it's really English and we understand her -- but the American kids' "English" is a wonderful gibberish. Like Nikki, the audience doesn't at first know what is going on, but with her help, we learn to understand what the American students are saying and ultimately gain an appreciation of what an immigrant must do to succeed in a new land. In this production, I play the role of Nikki. Go to the West Seattle Kids Theatre website if you would like to see "The New Kid" at your school.

The second play is The Repertory Actors Theatre production of The Joy Luck Club which was adapted from a book written by Amy Tan. The book is about eight Chinese mothers and daughters. The entire play is comprised to each of their stories about the mothers' and daughters' relationships and ordeals in Chinese culture. I play young Waverly, a snotty chess champion. How fun! : )

My dad and I filmed an infomercial in early February 2003. It is in edit right now and will appear on late night TV as early as March. It is for Ovation/First Act electric guitars.

NOTE FROM CASEY: Okay..the information below is really old and not updated. I'll get to it later. : )

         "Sadako" Youth Theatre Northwest, title role

         About once a month, I sing at Funsters Grand Casino in Seatac.

         I hope you saw me in "A Christmas Carol" at A CONTEMPORARY THEATRE December 1999, 2000 and 2001.

         WHIRLIGIG 2001:

March 31, Saturday, Seattle Center House Stage, 11:00 - 11:20, Casey Floresca
April 7, Saturday, Seattle Center House Stage, 12:30 - 12:50, Casey Floresca

I will do a 20 minute set with about 5 songs, some Broadway and other songs and maybe a dramatic monologue. The monologue is the one I use for theatrical auditions. I will be performing after the 12:00pm "The Birthday Show", sponsored by Pacific Care & Radio Disney AM1250, which is very fun.

         I filmed the "Al's in Toyland" episode of NBC's "City Guys" and it will air again in February 2002.

         Auditions for Kids in Seattle / Summer Camp for Acting

         Learn how to make GAK

         Listen to my singing



         My AsianAvenue Website

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         Archie McPhee


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