Configuring the Webpage Counter

Here is the format for calling the counter:

<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=G|df=test.dat|pad=0|frgb=255;0;0" align=absmiddle>

And what it looks like:

For instance, here's a rather strange one:
<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?dd=P|df=test.dat|pad=y|md=8|ft=10| frgb=100;255;0|rotate=y|degrees=180|st=124838232" align=absmiddle>

And what it looks like:

Here is a list of available counter digits.

A: LCD type
B: odometer type
C: modern sort of number font
D: small LCD
E: small computer style font
F: wood letter blocks
G: little planets with digits
H: techno, numbers on black spheres
I: large gold pattern shadowed letters
J: Childrens blocks, very cute
K: Chinese character set
L: fancy Chinese character set
M: digital clock
N: hand writing
O: modern looking
P: color letters
Q: acrobats
R: lavalamp
S: iron
T: football scoreboard
U: lottery balls
V: odometer, black
W: odometer, white
X: chinese
Y: reflection
a: Another speedometer

The official web site for this counter is at