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Configuring Mail
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The Basics

Zipcon POP / IMAP / SMTP mail server: mail.zipcon.net

Your email address is your Zipcon account name with @zipcon.net or @zipcon.com appended. Each Zipcon account includes additional email addresses. If you would like additional addresses set up, please request them. Information will be emailed to you on how to access them once they are set up.

Your email address is your username:

username@zipcon.net or username@zipcon.com

To login to the mail server you can also use just username without @zipcon.com or @zipcon.net appended.

Microsoft Outlook
  • In Outlook, click on the "File" menu, then "Account Settings..."
  • On the "Email" tab click "New..."
  • It may ask the kind of account, if so, select "POP3" and click Next
  • It may try to automatically configure things. If available, click the
    box lower in the window "Manually configure server settings..." and click Next
  • Select "Internet E-mail" and click Next

  •    Your name: James T Kirk
       Email address: kirk@zipcon.net
       Incoming mail server (POP3): mail.zipcon.net
       Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.zipcon.net
       User name: kirk
       Password: spock

  • Click on "More Settings..." in the lower right
  • Click on the "Outgoing Server" tab
  • Select the option "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
  • Select the option "Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail"
  • Click on the "Advanced" tab
  • Change the "Outgoing server (SMTP):" from 25 to: 587
  • Click OK, Next***, Finish
  •    ***(uncheck "Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked" if necessary)

Mozilla Thunderbird
  • In Thunderbird, click on the "Tools" menu, then "Account settings..."

  •     If you don't see the Tools menu press the "F10" key
        It should pop up the entire menu bar at the top
        Click on the "View" menu and then "Toolbars"
        Now put a check in the checkbox for "Menu Bar"

  • Select "Add Mail Account..." in the lower left pull-down box
  • Type in your name, email addresses and password

  •     Your name: James T Kirk
        Email address: kirk@zipcon.net
        Password: spock

  • Quickly click on "Manual Config" near the bottom when it starts trying to find settings

  • Incoming: POP3
        Server hostname: mail.zipcon.net
        Port: 995
        SSL: SSL/TLS
        Authentication: Normal Password

    Outgoing: SMTP
        Server hostname: mail.zipcon.net
        Port: 465
        SSL: SSL/TLS
        Authentication: No authentication

    Username: Incoming: kirk@zipcon.net

  • Click "Done"

Apple Mail
  • Open Mail
  • If the "Welcome to Mail" assistant does not appear, choose "Add Account" from the "File" menu
  • Fill in the Full Name, Email address, and Password fields. For example:

  •    Name: James T Kirk
       Email address: kirk@zipcon.net
       Password: spock

  • Uncheck "Automatically set up account" if enabled and click "Continue"
  • Choose POP or POP3 for Account Type
  • Enter your email addresses as the account description
  • Enter your Incoming Mail Server, User Name and Password and then click "Continue"

  •    Incoming POP server: mail.zipcon.net
       Username: kirk      (please enter your real username)
       Password: spock   (and real password)

  • For Outgoing Mail Server, use description "mail.zipcon.net".
  • Enter the Outgoing Mail Server details. Outgoing SMTP server: mail.zipcon.net
  • Uncheck "Use Authentication" then click "Continue"
  • Verify the settings in the Account Summary. Then check "Take account online" and click "Create"

  • Now we must disable the "Automatically detect..." options which cause many problems.

  • Click on the "Mail" menu and choose "Preferences"
  • Click "Accounts" and select your email account from the list
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Uncheck "Automatically detect and maintain account settings"
  • Click the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Account pop-up menu and choose "Edit SMTP Server List"
  • Make sure "mail.zipcon.net" is selected in the list at the top
  • Click the "Advanced" tab
  • Uncheck "Automatically detect and maintain account settings"
  • Click OK and OK or exit and save if prompted

  • From the home screen touch the Menu key and select "Settings"
  • Tap "Add account" and then "Email"
  • Select "Other" for account type
  • Enter your email address and password and then click "Manual setup"

  •    Email address: kirk@zipcon.net
       Password: spock

  • Choose "POP3 account"
  • Enter the following

  •    Username: kirk
       Password: spock
       POP3 server: mail.zipcon.net
       Security Type: SSL - Accept all certificates
       Port: 995
       Delete email from server: Never

  • Tap "Next" and enter the following

  •    SMTP server: mail.zipcon.net
       Security Type: SSL - Accept all certificates
       Port: 465
       Do not check "Require sign-in"

  • Tap "Next"
  • Select "Every 5 minutes" for Peak and Off-peak schedule
  • Enter your full email address for the account name and your real name for the name to display on outgoing messages.

  •    Account Name: kirk@zipcon.net
       Name: James T Kirk

  • Save and exit

  • From the home screen click "Settings"
  • Click "Mail, Contacts, Calendar"
  • Under "Accounts" click "Add Account..."
  • Choose "Other"
  • Click "Add Mail Account"

  •    Name: James T Kirk
       Email: kirk@zipcon.net
       Password: spock
       Description: kirk@zipcon.net

  • Click Next
  • Select "POP" at the top
  • Incoming Mail Server

  •    Host Name: mail.zipcon.net
       User Name: kirk
       Password: spock

  • Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server

  •    Host Name: mail.zipcon.net
       User Name: <leave blank>
       Password: <leave blank>

  • Tap "Save"

  • You should now see a list of your mail accounts, tap the account added
  • Tap it again to go into the account properties
  • Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and tap the pull-down box
  • Tap the mail.zipcon.net server entry
  • Ensure the following settings

  •    Host Name: mail.zipcon.net
       User Name: <leave blank>
       Password: <leave blank>
       Use SSL: On
       Authentication: None
       Server Port: 465

  • Exit and save if requested

If you need assistance, please email The Support Desk or call 206-524-0612.

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