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Personal or Business Flat Rate Dial-up and ISDN

  • $19.95 per month or $54.95 per quarter
  • Free setup!
  • One business or personal web site (www.zipcon.net/~yourname)
  • Frontpage extensions support
  • Three email addresses (yourname@zipcon.net)
  • Twenty megabytes of server storage
  • Loads of V.90 (also K56Flex and X2) modems
  • Includes 64K ISDN, 128K ISDN available for $38.95 per month
  • Additional email addresses are $1.00 per month
  • How about a free 30 day trial now!
  • Dial-up configuration details

Metered Dial-up/E-mail/Telnet Accounts
  • All the features of the above account except what is listed below
  • $4.95 per month (includes 10 hours of full dial-up access) then $0.50 per hour
  • Unlimited telnet access
  • 10 megabytes of storage
  • No non-interactive programs on the shell server
All accounts include dial-up, email, UseNet News and shell access.

For more information please email The Sales Desk

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