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Most Common Problems / Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can't get my email, its stuck and stops on a message, or it times out.
    Answer: Please try using http://webmail.zipcon.com/ to get your email.
    Using the web based interface, you can remove any messages that your mail software may be having problems with.

Question: I can't get my email, I get an error message from the server.
    Answer: Please be sure you are using the correct mail servers. If you are a using Zipcon dial-up or DSL, please see email and newsgroup configuration.
    If you are a web hosting customer, please be sure to use your domain name (yourdomain.com) for the incoming POP and outgoing SMTP server.

Question: I can't get my email after installing Norton Antivirus.
    1) Start Norton AntiVirus.
    2) Click Options, and then, in the Options list, click Email Protection.
    3) Check "Enable Email Protect (recommended)."
    4) In the Protected email clients list, check "Manually configured email client," and then click OK.
    5) Exit NAV window and then restart the computer.

    If that doesn't fix it, please consult your Norton manual or their support. You can also disable Norton Anti-virus by doing the following.

    1) Start Outlook Express.
    2) Click on the Tools menu, then choose Accounts...
    3) Click on the Mail tab at the top.
    4) Double click on the Zipcon account listed there.
    5) Click on the Servers tab.
    6) Change the incoming server to: zipcon.net
      You can also use: mail.zipcon.net
    7) Change the account name/usename to just the first part of your email address, without an "@" or "\" and without the mail server name. For instance if your email address is abc@zipcon.com, use: abc
    8) Click OK at the bottom.
    9) Click Close.
    10) Exit Outlook Express and start it back up again.

Question: I can't connect well, I get hung-up on, or its really SLOW!

Question: Every time I read email, it hangs up the line.
    1) Start Outlook Express.
    2) Click on the Tools menu, then choose Options...
    3) Click on the Connections tab at the top.
    4) Uncheck the option "Hang up after sending and receiving".
    5) Click OK at the bottom.

Question: How do I change the phone number I am dialing?

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