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Zipcon DSL using a CenturyLink/Qwest phone line    Order DSL Now  
  • The first month's Zipcon fee is free!
  • Free use of a Zipcon DSL modem!
  • No setup or activation fee
  • Bridged with static IP addresses or PPP with dynamic IP address
  • One or two static IP addresses (bridged), extra addresses are $1.00/month.
  • Optional $50 onsite technician installation of modem and software.
Package DSL Speed
Total Monthly Cost Cost breakdown
(Zipcon / Qwest)
Select / Choice 256K / 256K $32.95 $17.95 / $15.00
Choice Deluxe Up to 1.5M / Up to 896K $48.95 $19.95 / $29.00
Choice Premier Up to 7M / Up to 896K $63.95 $24.95 / $39.00
Standalone DSL* Up to 1.5M / Up to 896K $53.95 $19.95 / $34.00
Standalone Premier DSL* Up to 7M / Up to 896K $68.95 $24.95 / $44.00
* Standalone DSL does not require a CenturyLink/Qwest phone line.

For more information please email The Sales Desk or call 206-524-0612.

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