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Reenacting Articles of Interest

My Ten Drill Reenactorisms - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

The Worthless Second Sergeant - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

- Assembly for Parade

    The Color Company and Second Company Set the Line - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

    Forming the Right Wing - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

    Forming the Left Wing - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

- Parade

    An Explanation about the Procedures for Opening and Closing Ranks in Parade - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Manual of Arms for Infantry:  A Re-examination - Part I - by Geoff Walden and Dom Dal Bello
Manual of Arms for Infantry:  A Re-examination - Part II - by Geoff Walden and Dom Dal Bello

Gilhams verses Hardees - from Mike Bussey, 1st Tennessee

On Guard! A Primer for Civil War Military Security Duties - from the Capital Guards (6th Arkansas) Website

Right Shoulder Shift with Charge Bayonet? - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Right Shoulder Shift: A Reexamination by John Stillwagon.  The original link is gone, but I found it on and reposted it

Rest, Rest, Rest, and Rest! or Don't let established reenacting practices interfere with period practices by Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Stack Arms - Eliminating Fumbling in the Federal Ranks - by Paul Calloway

Support for Support Arms by Marc A. Hermann of the Daybreak B'hoys - Hardtack Society - Liberty Rifles

Know Your Guides: marching by the flank and a column of companies - from Mark (Silas) Tackitt

Drill Manoeuver of the Month - from the 6th Texas, Co. K

GETTING THE ‘POINT’ ACROSS: Instruction for Infantry Officers in the Correct Use of Swords by T.R.Wheeley

Parade Procedures for the Palmetto Battalion - generally follows parade procedures in the period manuals.  Contains a unique method of trooping the colors.  Other Drill related links from the Palmetto Battalion

Notes on Charge Bayonet by Dom DalBello - a pdf file


General Manuals


Standing Orders of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard, for the Regulation and Government of the Regiment in the Field or in Quarters (1861) by Abram Duryée


Manual of Instruction for the Volunteers and Militia of the Confederate States (1861)


Army manual: containing instructions for officers in the preparation of rolls, returns and accounts (1864) by Lt. Col. George Washington Patten


National Guard Manual by Stephen R. Pinckney, Col. 95th N.Y. Nat'l Guard (1864)


Compend of instructions in military tactics, and the manual of percussion arms, with extracts from the U.S. Army Regulations, by Ebenezer Whitten Stone, Adj't General of Massachusetts (1857)


Artillery Manuals

Andrews, Richard Snowden

Mounted Artillery Drill, (Charleston, S.C., 1863)


A course of instruction in ordnance and gunnery: compiled for the use of the cadets of the United States Military Academy (1862) by Capt. James Gilchrist Benton


The Artillerist's Manual (1860) by John Gibbon


The ordnance manual for the use of officers of the United States Army by United States Army Ordnance Dep't, (Alfred Mordecai)
        (2d Edition, 1850)
        (3d Edition, 1862)
        (1st Edition - Gideon, 1841)


Artillery drill: containing instruction in the school of the piece and battery manoeuvres (1863) by Lt. Col. George Washington Patten


Hand-book of Artillery for the Service of the United States: (Army & Militia) (1863) by Joseph Roberts

United States Naval Academy

Instruction for Naval Light Artillery : Afloat and Ashore by William Harwar Parker (1862)

United States War Dept

Instruction for Field Artillery (1860)

Instruction for Heavy Artillery (1851)

Instructions for Mountain Artillery (1851)


Cavalry Manuals


Cavalry tactics, or, Regulations for the instruction, formations and movements of the cavalry of the army and volunteers of the United States (1861) by Col. Philip St. George Cooke, 2d U.S. Cavalry
        Volume 1 - scanned copy
        Volume 2 - scanned copy

Cavalry Tactics (1862) an html version


The Trooper's Manual : Or, Tactics for Light Dragoons and Mounted Riflemen by Col. J. Lucius Davis, CSA (1861)

Maury, Dabney

Skirmish Drill for Mounted Troops (Richmond, VA, 1861)


Regulations and Instructions for the Field Service of the U.S. Cavalry in Time of War by Maj. Gen. George Brinton McClellan (1862)


Cavalry drill and sabre exercise (1864) by Lt. Col. George Washington Patten

Poinsett's Cavalry Tactics,
        Vol. 1 : School of the Trooper, of the Platoon, and of the Squadron, Dismounted (1855)
        Vol. 2 : School of the Trooper, of the Platoon, and of the Squadron, Mounted (1855)
        Vol. 3 : Evolutions of a Regiment (1862)

Wheeler, Joseph

A Revised System of Cavalry Tactics, for the Use of the Cavalry and Mounted Infantry, C. S. A. (Goetzel, 1863)

Edged Weapon Manuals


The Militiaman's Manual: And Sword-play Without a Master : Rapier and Broad-Sword Exercises (1861) by Matthew W. Berriman


Skirmishers' Drill and Bayonet Exercise: With Suggestions for the Soldier in Actual Conflict by Lt. Col R. Milton Cary, Prov. Army, VA (1861)


Manual for the Sword.   That link is to a downloadable document.  You can view it in html by clicking here.


Sword & Sabre Drill for Officers of the WIG (Western Independent Grays) by John Duffer


A New Manual of the Bayonet for the Army and Militia of the United States by John Cunningham Kelton


Manual of Bayonet Exercise: Prepared for the Use of the Army of the United States by Bvt. Capt. George Brinton McClellan

McClellan's Bayonet Exercise (html).  The original page ceases to exist, but it was captured on and is the location of this new hyperlink.


New System of Sword Exercise with a Manual of the Sword for Officers (1872) by Matthew O'Rourke


Infantry tactics, bayonet drill, and small sword exercise (1865) by Lt. Col. George Washington Patten


Infantry Manuals

Silas Tackitt

Booklet of Battalion Drill (2d Edition, 2008). View and print this FREE, sixty-eight page booklet of battalion drill.  This is the manual of drill for the former Army of Tennessee (AoT) of the old North South Alliance (NSA).

Booklet about Guards, Pickets, Camps and Marches (2009). View and print this FREE, fifty-six page booklet of procedures. 

Booklet about Instruction for Skirmishers (2011). View and print this FREE, forty-eight page booklet. 

Booklet about the Manual of Arms for the Smoothbore Musket from the 1861 U.S. Infantry Tactics (2011). View and print this FREE, sixty-four page booklet. 

Booklet about the Manual of Arms for the Rifle Musket from the 1861 U.S. Infantry Tactics (2012). View and print this FREE, forty-eight page booklet. 

Booklet about the Manual of Arms for the Rifle Musket from Casey's 1863 Tactics (2014). View and print this FREE, fifty-six page booklet. 

Booklet about the Manual of Arms for the Rifle Musket from Hardee's (1861) Revised Tactics  (2014). View and print this FREE, fifty-six page booklet. 

Vol's I & II : Hardee's Revised and Improved Tactics (1861) - my personal version with the hyperlinks
Link to index of Volume I ; link to index of Volume II

Baxter, Lt. Col. DeWitt

The Volunteer's Manual: Containing Full Instructions for the Recruit, in the Schools of the Soldier and Squad (1861)

Baxter's The Volunteer's Manual by Lt.Col. Baxter (1861) - from the 2d Wisconsin website

Cairns, Capt. John T.

The recruit: a compilation of exercises and movements of infantry, light-infantry, and riflemen : according to the latest improvements (1853)

Casey, Silas

Manual of U.S. Infantry Tactics aka "Casey's Revised"

        VOLUME I : Schools of the Soldier and Company  (1862), (1863), another from 1863 ;
        VOLUME II : School of the Battalion (1862) ;
        VOLUME III : Evolutions of a Brigade and Corps D'Armee (1862)

Casey's Manual of Arms as demonstrated by the 122d New York

Casey's U.S. Infantry Tactics, for the Instruction, Exercise, and Manœuvres, of the Soldier, a Company, Line of Skirmishers, and Battalion for the use of the Colored Troops of the United States Infantry by United States War Department (1863)

Cooper, Brevet Capt. S.

Cooper's Volunteer's Manual (1836), a Concise System of Instructions and Regulations for the Militia and Volunteers of the United States

Coppee, Capt. Henry

Field Manual of Evolutions of the Line: arranged in a tabular form, for the use of officers in the U.S. Infantry (1862) by Capt. Henry Coppee

Field Manual for Battalion Drill: Containing the Exercises and Manœuvres in the School of the Battalion by

Duffield, Col. William

School of the Brigade and Evolutions of the Line or Rules for the Exercise and Manœuvres of Brigades and Divisions (1862)

Duffield's Camp, Garrison & Guard Duty: With a Modified Manual of Arms for the Officers & Soldiers of the Michigan Infantry (1861)

Ellsworth, Elmer Ephraim

Manual of arms for light infantry: adapted to the rifled musket (1861)

Gilham, William

Manual of Instruction for the Volunteers and Militia of the Confederate States (1861) - a complete scanned copy


Rhymed Tactics (1862)

Hardee, Wm.

Light Infantry Tactics - Vol. I :  (1855) / (1860) / (1861)

The Secretary of War edition (Cameron - 1861) : Vol. I  / Vol. II

Revised and Improved Tactics aka "Confederate Hardee's"

(Goetzel, 1861) : Vol. I / Vol. II

(Goetzel, 1863) : Vol. I / Vol. II

The "North Carolina" edition (1862) : Vol's I & II

My own hyperlinked version of Hardee's Revised and Improved Tactics (1861) (Note : the hyperlinks in Vol. I are a work in progress, but have been completed in Vol. II.)

Rules for the Exercise and Manoeuvres of the Confederate States Infantry in the Evolutions of the Line (Patterson's Vol. III - 1862)

Heth, Capt. Henry

A System of Target Practice: For the Use of Troops when Armed with the Musket, Rifle-Musket, Rifle, or Carbine (1858/1862) by United States War Dept,

Infantry Tactics for Schools: Explained and Illustrated for the Use of Teachers and Scholars (1863)

Lee, James K.

The Volunteer's Handbook (1860) Containing an Abridgement of Hardee's Infantry Tactics Adapted to the Use of the Percussion Musket in Squad and Company Exercises, Manual of Arms for Riflemen, and U.S. Army Regulations as to Parades, Reviews, Inspections, Guard Mounting, Etc. by James K. Lee, of the First Regiment of Virginia Volunteers.

Lee's The Volunteer's Handbook (1861)

LeGal, Col. Eugene

School of the Guides : Designed for the Use of the Militia of the United States (1859)
School of the Guides : for the Use of the Army of the Confederate States, with Questions. Twenty-eight Illustrations (1862)
School of the Guides - my personal version in html format

Lewis, Captain George Cooper, Provisional Army C.S. - his information on field fortifications is unique to a tactics manual and worth a look

The soldier's companion : containing an abridgement of Hardee's infantry tactics; with the heavy infantry and rifle manuals, skirmish drill and bayonet exercise, field fortification, picket and outpost duty, with various regulations, forms, &c., that will be found useful to the soldier in camp and on the march; with an appendix containing fancy movements for volunteer companies, uniform and dress of the army, &c (1863)

Morris, Brig. Gen. William Hopkins

Infantry Tactics :
Vol. 1: Comprising the School of the Soldier; School of the Company; Instruction for Skirmishers;
Vol. 2 : School of the Battalion; Evolutions of the Brigade; and Directions for Manœuvring the Division and the Corps D'Armee
by Brig. Gen. William Hopkins Morris, U.S. Vol's (1865)

Pace, Col. William B.

Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics: For the Exercise and Maneuvers of Troops when acting as Light Infantry or Riflemen. Prepared Expressly for the Use of the Militia of the Territory of Utah. By Col. William B. Pace, Nauvoo Legion. (1865)

Patten, Lt. Col. George Washington

Infantry tactics, bayonet drill, and small sword exercise (1865)

Pease, John

The Rifleman's Hand-book : Designed for the Use of the Massachusetts Rifle Club (1862)

Richardson, John H. (Colonel of the Provisional Army C.S.)

Manual of Infantry and Rifle Tactics, with Honors Paid by the Troops, Inspections, Reviews, Guards &c. (Richmond, VA, 1861) - A solid compilation of Hardee's and Gilham's published in the early days of the war

Infantry Tactics, or, Rules for the Exercise and Manoeuvres of the Confederate States Infantry in the Evolutions of the Line (1862)

Scott, Winfield

Militia Tactics: Comprising the Duty of Infantry, Light-infantry and Riflemen by Lt. Col. Pierce Darrow, Winfield Scott (1821)

Abstract of Infantry Tactics; Including Exercises and Manoeuvres of Light-infantry and Riflemen; for the Use of the Militia of the United States. (1830)

Other scanned copies of Scott's :

School of the Soldier (volume I) (1835)
School of the Soldier (volume I) (1857)

School of the Battalion (volume II) (1852)
School of the Battalion (volume II) (1861)

Evolutions of the Line (volume III) (1861)

Upton, Bvt. Major General Emory

A New System of Infantry Tactics Double and Single Rank, adapted to American topography and improved fire-arms :


Infantry Tactics, Abridged and Revised, embracing the Schools of the Squad and Company, Skirmishers, Inspection, Etc., (1882)

Wilcox, by Cadmus Marcellus

Rifles and Rifle Practice: An Elementary Treatise Upon the Theory of Rifle Firing

British Infantry Manual (1854)


Naval Manuals

Instruction for Naval Light Artillery : Afloat and Ashore  by William Harwar Parker of the U.S. Naval Academy (1862)

Exercises in small-arms and field artillery : arranged for the naval service, under an order of the Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography of the Navy Department (1852)



Hints to Company Officers on their Military Duties (1863) by Christopher Columbus Andrews, 3d Minn.


Camp and Outpost Duty by Gen. Daniel Butterfield


The Army Officer's Pocket Companion: Principally Designed for Staff Officers in the Field (1862) by William Price Craighill


Manual for Engineer Troops (1864) by James Chatham Duane


The Army Surgeon's Manual by William Grace, Surgeon-General's Office (1864)


The Company Clerk : showing how and when to make out all the returns, reports, rolls, and other papers, and what to do with them by Brig. Gen. August V. Kautz, 12th Ed. (1865)

Customs of Service for Officers of the Army

Customs of Service for Officers of the Army (1868) - google scanned version

Customs of Service for Officers of the Army - pdf file

Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers

Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers - google scanned version

Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers - pdf file

Duties of the First Sergeant - from Kautz's Customs of Service

Duties of the Sergeant Major - from Kautz's Customs of Service


A Treatise on the Tactical Use of the Three Arms: Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry (1865) by Francis James Lippitt

The Special Operations of War: Comprising the Forcing and Defence of Defiles (1868) by Francis James Lippitt

Field Service in War: Comprising Marches, Camps and Cantonments, Outposts, Convoys, Reconnaissances, Foraging, and Notes on Logistics (1869) by Bvt. Brig. Gen. Francis James Lippitt


Advanced-guard, out-post, and detachment service of troops, with the essential principles of strategy, and grand tactics for the use of officers of the militia and volunteers (1863) by Dennis Hart Mahan

A treatise on field fortification: containing instructions on the methods of laying out, constructing, defending, and attacking intrenchments (1862) by Dennis Hart Mahan           


The Prairie Traveler:  A Handbook for Overland Expeditions (1859) - by Capt. Randolph B. Marcy, U.S. Army


Hints on Health in Armies (1863) by John Ordronaux


Military Dictionary comprising technical definitions; information on raising and keeping troops; actual service, including makeshifts and improved material

War Department, Confederate

Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States, (1864) Revised and Enlarged with a New and Copious Index By Confederate States of America War Dept, James Alexander Seddon (google scanned version)

Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States - pdf file

War Department, United States

Army Regulations

Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1857

Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1861: With a Full Index By United States War Dept (1862)

Revised U.S. Army Regulations for 1861 with an appendix containing the changed and laws affecting Army regulations and Articles of war to June 25, 1863 (the google scanned version)

Revised U.S. Army Regulations for 1861 with an appendix containing the changed and laws affecting Army regulations and Articles of war to June 25, 1863 (the University of Michigan scanned version)

Outpost and Patrol Duty

Instructions for officers and non-commissioned officers on outpost and patrol duty: and troops in campaign. Parts 1-2 (1863)

Pay Department

Revised Regulations for the Pay Department of the United States Army, 1861 By United States Pay Dept. (War Dept.)

Instructions for Making Muster-rolls, Mustering into Service Periodical Payments, and Discharging from Service Volunteers or Militia (Revised) (1863) - War Dep't

The United States Service Magazine :

Volume I ;
Volume II ;
Volume III
Volume IV ; and
Volume V

United States Army and Navy Journal, and Gazette of the Regular and Volunteer Forces

Volume I (1863-64) ;
Volume II (1864-65) ; and
Volume III (1865-66)

What a Company Officer Should Know (1917) By Major John Campbell McArthur

Army Paper Work: A Short, Concise Treatise on Paper Work for Army Officers (1917)


The Campaigner's Coffee

Confederate Coffee Substitutes - period newspaper receipts about efforts to replicate the elixir of life

Extract of Coffee for the Army by Art Ayotte (Fugawee Corp)

The Value of a Little Research - Q & A's about dried beef during the war

No One Loves Me Like My Tomato Can - An article about traveling light.  The article is a little dated, but the advice still works.

The Army Ration : how to diminish its weight and bulk, secure economy in its administration, avoid waste, and increase the comfort, efficiency, and mobility of troops by Even Norton Horsford (1864)

How to Feed an Army By United States War Dept. Subsistence Dept.

Campaign Cooking from the Salt River Rifles

The American Home Cook Book (1864)

Authentic Rations for the Living Historian - another Lazy Jack article


In General

Less is More by Mark (Silas) Tackitt - This article is really dated.  I wrote it in the late 1990's when I was a mainstreamer emerging into the ranks of what I perceived then being "hardcore."  Now I perceive it as little more than high end mainstream.     

Staying Dry in Rainy Weather - How to do it with the stuff on your back by Andrew Jerram

The Enfield in the Civil War - or - "Authenticizing your Reproduction Enfield" by Geoff Walden

Western Confederate Uniform Guidelines - A great page from the Lazy Jacks.

The 1861 U.S. Uniform Regulations

Campaigner on a Budget from Jim Butler of the Salt River Rifles

Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Sewing Academy

Original Confederate Equipage

Original Federal Equipage

Original Bayonet Scabbards and Musket Markings


Confederate "Columbus Depot" Jackets: The Material Evidence by Geoffrey R. Walden - one of the best reenacting articles published on the internet

A Survey of Confederate Central Government Quartermaster Issue Jackets - Part I by Leslie D. Jensen. Click here for part II, and click here for part III.

Confederate Buttons from the Lazy Jacks Mess

Original Civil War Uniforms - a great page from John Wedeward with photos of original sack coats, frock coats, shell jackets, overcoats, and trousers.

So What Did They Wear? - Uniforms of the Confederate Regular Army by Arthur T. Green II.


Original Federal Uniforms and Equipage from the 14th Connecticut's homepage

Which Federal Sack Coat? by K.C. MacDonald of the Lazy Jacks

Photographic Compilation of Federal Enlisted Men Wearing Dark Blue Pants in 1862 and Beyond By Paul A. Boccadoro


Flat Fell Seam instructions

Patching Your Uniform by John Wedeward - a pdf file

Great Coat Folding 101

Observations on Civil War Era Shirts by Jason Rich of  Homespun Wares

Oilcloth and Painted Cloth Accouterments - by Jack Cox

Reproducing History : The Landy Lindsey "Army Blanket" Coat - by Mark Jaeger and Cathy Gurley



Early War Federal Shelter Tent Construction Instructions and Specifications (shelter type "II-a") - by Jack Cox

Mid and Late War Federal Shelter Tent Construction Instructions and Specifications (shelter type "III-a") - by Jack Cox

The Confederate Infantryman in Camp and on Campaign - Part I and Part II - by K.C. MacDonald of the Lazy Jacks

Constructing an Early War Federal Shelter Tent by David Turpin of the Lazy Jacks

Shelter Tents for the Confederate Impression by Pvt. R. Gregory as written in the September 2000 Newsletter for the 21st Virginia

Shred the Tents and Burn the Wagons: how tents ruin reenactor credibility by Mark (Silas) Tackitt - this is the actual article submitted to Camp Chase Gazette which they edited, renamed and published in the March, 2001 issue as "Shed the tents and forget the wagons."

Encampment and Shelter from Jim Butler of the Salt River Rifles



Other Uses for the Canteen - from Si Klegg and his Pard, Shorty

A Photographic Analysis of Federal Canteens in Confederate Service - 1863 to 1865  by John Stillwagon of the Southern Guard Living History Ass'n  NOTE : the original article is no longer online, but I stumbled upon it at which is the location of the current

Original Confederate Canteens

Original Federal Civil War Canteens

Knapsack/Blanket Rolls

Knapsack and Haversack Packing 101 by Kevin O'Beirne

The World On Your Shoulders : how to pack a knapsack and blanket roll by Jason Goodnite on the 26th North Carolina's article page.  If the link does not work, try cutting and pasting it directly into your browser :


Haversacks/Poke Bags

Poke Sackology 101



 A Companion to the New [Enfield] Rifle Musket : comprising, Practical Information on the Cleaning and Management of Arms, and on the Making of Cartridges (London, 1855) by S. Bertram Browne

Period Blank Cartridges and How to Bundle Them from Kevin O'Beirne

Making Cartridges - Part I from Patrick Reardon of the Lazy Jacks -
Making Cartridges - Part II -

Making Authentic Cartridges from John Wedeward

Construction of Authentic Cartridge Packages from John Wedeward

Constructing Cartridges and Arsenal Packs - 4th U.S. - a really good link about making authentic cartridges and packs

Preparing Cartridges in Nine Easy Steps


Reports - All are in .pdf format

Kautz's The company clerk : showing how and when to make out all the returns, reports, rolls, and other papers, and what to do with them by Brig. Gen. August V. Kautz, 12th Ed. (1865)

How to Complete Properly a Morning Report - from the old Breckinridge Battalion webpage.

Requisition for a weekend (two day) fuel allowance - based upon an original form

Provost pass example with basic instructions for passing pickets and provost guard without getting shot or arrested - proposed form for Perryville, 2012

First Division ANV

    - Company Morning Report Form

    - Quartermaster Requisition Form for Company (form 1)

    - Battalion Consolidated Morning Report

    - Battalion Ordinance Inspection Form

    - Quartermaster Requisition Form for Batt'n Staff (form 2)

First Federal Division / Click here for printing instructions for the FFD forms

    - Company Morning Report Form and W-1 — Company Weapon Inspection Form

    - Guard Mount Report Form

    - Quartermaster Requisition for Forage for Public Horses Form

    - Consolidated Morning Report Form and W-2 — Battalion Weapon Inspection Form

     - W-3 — Brigade Weapon Inspection Returns

North South Alliance Forms

    - Company Morning Report : "NSA Form 1"

    - Safety Report - Infantry Battalion Weapon Inspection Report aka "NSA Form 100"

    - Safety Report - Artillery - "NSA Form 105"

    - Battalion Report - Infantry Brigade Weapon Inspection Report aka "NSA Form 200"



The Federal Forts at Petersburg by Mark Terry

Converts Sought from the Heathen - by Old Soldier

Period Labels for Tins, Bottles, and et cetera

Military Maps and Campaigns

Clarke's Confederate Household Almanac (1863)



- Records / General History

The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Link is to all of the volumes.

        Click here for the Boolean Search page for the O.R.'s

General Orders of the War Department - embracing the years 1861, 1862, 1863

General Orders Affecting the Volunteer Force, by United States War Dept, Adjutant-General's Office
        Volume for (1861)
        Volume for (1863)
        Volume for (1864)

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - from the Century Magazine
        Volume I
        Volume II
        Volume III
        Volume IV

Final Report on the Battlefield of Gettysburg by the New York Monuments Commission, Daniel Sickles, Chairman of Commission

Complete Hand-book of the Monuments and Indications and Guide to the Positions on the Gettysburg Battlefield by J. Howard Wert

The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top, Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 by Oliver Willcox Norton

Chickamauga by Brigadier General John Basil Turchin

The National Military Park, Chickamauga-Chattanooga: An Historical Guide by Henry Van Ness Boynton

The Virginia Campaign of '64 and '65: The Army of the Potomac and the Army of the James by Bvt. Major General Andrew A. Humphreys

Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign, Virginia, 4 May to 15 June 1864 : A Study in Operational Level Command

The Military and Naval History of the Rebellion in the United States by William Jewett Tenney (1865)

The West Point Scrap Book: A Collection of Stories, Songs, and Legends of the United States Military Academy by Lt. Oliver Ellsworth Wood (1871)


Regimental Histories



Union Regimental Information from Dyer's Compendium

Directory of Union Regimental Histories

Hardtack and Coffee : or, The unwritten story of Army life, including chapters on enlisting, life in tents and log huts by John B. Billings (1887)



"How Private Geo. W. Peck put down the rebellion, or the funny experiences of a raw recruit" by George W. Peck

"Si Klegg and his Pard, Shorty" by Lt. Col. Wilbur Hinman.  Si Klegg is fiction, but it's some of the best CW fiction from an actual combatant you'll encounter



The Army of the Cumberland by Bvt. Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Cist

History of the Second Army Corps in the Army of the Potomac by Bvt. Brig. Gen. Francis Amasa Walker

The Fifth Army Corps (Army of the Potomac): A Record of Operations During the Civil War by William Henry Powell

History of the Old Second Division, Army of the Cumberland by Wm. Sumner Dodge (1864)

History of the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac: including that of the Army of Virginia (Pope's), and also the History of the Operations of the Federal Cavalry in West Virginia During the War by 1st Lt. Charles D. Rhodes



A History of the Organization and Movements of the Fourth Regiment of Infantry, United States Army from May 30, 1796, to December 31, 1870 by Capt. William Henry Powell

From Yorktown to Santiago with the Sixth U.S. Cavalry by Lt. Col. William Harding Carter



Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867 by California Adjutant General's Office, Richard H. Orton (1890)



The Story of the Twenty-first Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry by William Stone Hubbell, Delos D. Brown, Alvin Millen Crane



Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion by Iowa Adjutant General's Office (1910)
        Volume I : Regiments of Infantry 1st-8th
        Volume II : Regiments of Infantry 9th-16th.  Direct link to the chapter about the 15th Iowa Regiment which is the Federal impression for the 150th Shiloh adjunct
        Volume III : Regiments of Infantry 17th-31st.  Direct link to the chapter about the 24th Iowa Regiment which was the Federal impression for the Into the Piney Woods event
        Volume V : Regiments of Infantry 32d-48th, 1st African, 1st-4th Batteries Light Artillery
        Volume VI : Miscellaneous Organizations

Downing's Civil War Diary by Sgt. Alexander G. Downing, Co. E, 11th Iowa, 3d Brigade, 6th Division, 17th Corps, Army of the Tennessee (1916)



Report of the Adjutant General for the State of Illinois (1866) Volume I : regiments 7-46



History of the First - Tenth - Twenty-ninth Maine Regiment: In Service of the United States from May, 1861, to June 21, 1866 by John Mead Gould. Includes a History of the Tenth Maine Battalion by Rev. Leonard G. Jordan.

The Campaigns of the Seventeenth Maine by Edwin B. Houghton

The History of the Nineteenth Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865 by John Day Smith



The Record of the Second Massachusetts Infantry, 1861-1865 by Alonzo Hall Quint, its chaplain

The Story of the Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 1861-1864 by Andrew Elmer Ford

The Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 by George Anson Bruce

The Three Years' Service of the Thirty-Third Mass. Infantry Regiment 1862-1865 by Brevet Major General Adin Ballou Underwood

History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry by Luis Fenollosa Emilio



Four Years Campaigning in the Army of the Potomac by Color Sergeant Daniel G. Crotty (3d Michigan)



The Story of a Regiment: Being a Narrative of the Service of the Second Regiment, Minnesota Veteran Volunteer Infantry by Judson Wade Bishop



History of the Twenty-second Regiment of the National Guard of the State of New York by Gen. George Wood Wingate

The Seventy-ninth Highlanders, New York Volunteers in the War of Rebellion, by William Todd (1886)



History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5: Prepared in Compliance with Acts of the Legislature by Samuel P. Bates

History of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps: A Complete Record of the Organization by Josiah Rhinehart Sypher

History of the Philadelphia Brigade: Sixty-ninth, Seventy-first, Seventy-Second, and One Hundred and Sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers by Bvt. Lt. Col Charles H. Banes

History of the Second Pennsylvania Veteran Heavy Artillery: (112th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers) by George Washington Ward

Our Boys: The Personal Experiences of a Soldier in the Army of the Potomac by Sgt. Alonzo F. Hill - (8th PA Reserves) (1864)

History of the Twelfth Regiment: Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps (41st Regiment of the Line) by Martin D. Hardin

The Story of the Forty-eighth: A Record of the Campaigns of the Forty-eighth [Regiment of Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry] by Joseph Gould

Inside the Army of the Potomac: the Civil War experience of Captain Francis Adams Donaldson (1st California / 71st Pennsylvania)



A Narrative of the Campaign of the First Rhode Island Regiment, in the Spring and Summer of 1861 by Augustus Woodbury (1862)

The Seventh Regiment of Rhode Island Volunteers in the Civil War, 1862-1865 by William Hopkins



Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers by Brevet Brigadier General Rufus Robinson Dawes

Story of the Service of Company E and of the Twelfth Wisconsin Regiment of Veteran Volunteer Infantry by Hosea W Rood (1893)


- U.S. Sharpshooters

Berdan's United States Sharpshooters in the Army of the Potomac, Capt. Charles Stevens




Directory of Confederate Regimental Histories

List of Field Officers, Regiments and Battalions in the Confederate States by Claud Estes

Jones, John Beauchamp, A Rebel war clerk's diary at the Confederate States capital Volume 1 / Volume 2



Battles and Sketches of the Army of Tennessee by Bromfield Lewis Ridley

Pickett's Men: A Fragment of War History (1870) by Walter Harrison, A.A. and Inspector General of Pickett's Division



History of the First Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C. S. A. by Edward Young McMorries



History of the First Kentucky Brigade by Edwin Porter Thompson



A Southern Record : The History of the Third Regiment Louisiana Infantry by W.H. Tunnard (1866) 


The Maryland Line in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865 by William Worthington Goldsborough



History of the First and Second Missouri Confederate Brigades: 1861-1865 by Robert S. Bevier



"Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier" by Luis Leon, 1st North Carolina Infantry



History of a Brigade of South Carolinians, known as "Gregg's" and subsequently as "McGowan's Brigade" by J.F.J. Caldwell, lately an officer of the First Regiment S.C.V

Lee's Sharpshooters: Or, The Forefront of Battle. A Story of Southern Valor by Maj. William S. Dunlop (McGowan's Brigade)

History of Kershaw's [South Carolina] Brigade: With Complete Roll of Companies, Biographical Sketches, Incidents, Anecdotes, Etc. by D. Augustus Dickert



Co. Aytch by Sam Watkins

Hancock's Diary: Or, A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry by Sgt. Richard R. Hancock (1887)

Campaigns and Battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers, in the War Between the States : With Incidental Sketches of the Part Performed by Other Tennessee Troops in the Same War by Thomas A. Head

History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A. by William Josiah McMurray, M.D.



A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685-1897 (Volume: 2, pt. 2) (1898), edited by Dudley G. Wooten

Reminiscences of the Civil War, and Other Sketches (1911) by Ralph J. Smith (2d Texas)


The Story of a Confederate Boy in the Civil War by David Emmons Johnston, Co. D, 7th Virginia Infantry



War Talks of Confederate Veterans : Addresses delivered before A.P.Hill Camp of Confederate Veterans, of Petersburg, Va., with addenda giving statements of participants, eyewitnesses and others, in respect to campaigns, battles, prison life and other war experiences by George S. Bernard, (1892)

Scraps from the Prison Table (1868) by Capt. Joe Barbiere, Co. A, Gayoso Guards,1st Alabama-Mississippi-Tennessee Regiment (later reorganized as the 42d Tennessee).

Camp, Field and Prison Life: Containing Sketches of Service in the South (1870) by Capt. W.A. Wash (60th Tennessee)



West Coast Reenactor Associations

National Civil War Association (NCWA) - in California
Northwest Civil War Council (NCWC) in Northern Oregon
Reenactors of the American Civil War (RACW) - in Northern California
The Civil War Home Page
Washington Civil War Association (WCWA) - club's facebook page / the current issue of the Dispatch


12th Virginia's extensive links page



Minstrel Banjo Group (ning)
Thomas Briggs Group
Uncle Coffee's Ethiopian Songster

American Sheet Music Title Index
Lester Levy Sheet Music
Stephen Foster Songsheets

Bruce & Emmet's Drummer's and Fifer's Guide / Index
Howe's U.S. Regulation Drum and Fife Instructor for the use of the Army and Navy
Keach, Burditt and Cassidy's Army Drum and Fife Book (1861) - a slow loading, 12 megabite pdf file
Nevins, Army Regulations for Drum, Fife, and Bugle : being a complete manual for these instruments, giving all the calls for camp and field duty



The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels


Discussion Groups


Some Better Sutlers and Suppliers

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