Web Browser Stuff

Browser features

Test your browser fonts

Does yours support Greek text?

Does yours support Russian text?

Browser tooltips support


Character entity rendering test


fill horizontal space with dots

CSS positioning test

An HTML anchor / button

Try CSS2 counters

Tabs using CSS

Drop-Caps using CSS

Decorating with HTML Tables

Vertical alignment of inline tables

CSS @media type support

Pop-up dialogs with CSS

Rows of alternating colors with CSS


Inside the JavaScript navigator

JavaScript properties browser

JavaScript and CSS

Move text

Flip text

Uncover text

A desktop calculator

JavaScript, CSS and DOM

A Unicode script chart

SciFi blinky computer panel

A JavaScript painting program

Rows of alternating colors with JS

Read external text via iframe

XML+XSLT, CSS and JavaScript

Keyboards for various languages


Graphics that scale with window

Graphics that scale with font size