Steve White’s Animaux

2018 Park Sanssoucie

2017 Potsdam

2016 San Angelo, Buffalo Gap

2015 San Angelo

2014 Potsdam, Abilene

2013 Potsdam

2012 Potsdam, Abilene

2011 AIP, Potsdam

2010 AIP

2008 Park Babelsberg, AIP, Denmark, Abilene, San Angelo

2007 Park Sanssouci, Potsdam

2006 Switzerland, more Brandenburg.

2005 Austria again.

2004 Austria, fields and parks of Potsdam, LSU, Linda’s visit to Potsdam.

2003 A walk in Abilene, arrival in Fall in Potsdam.

2002 London, camping at Mt. Baker, and the zoo.

2001 Walk in Vancouver, Seattle, and Renton. Visit to Abilene and San Angelo, camping trips in Washington State, Linda’s visit to Seattle.

2000 Walks in Kent and Renton.

1999 Living in Seattle, walks in Kent.